I’m back from the dead on here! After finishing school forever and alleviating the majority of my stress, I craved a little mini trip up to Portland. My friend Cheyenne (@cheyp on instagram) was so gracious to host me for the 36 hours I was there, and we squeezed a lot of cool things into such a small sliver of time. I wanted to share some cute little spots I went to, just in case you find yourself around PDX in the near future. 🙂 what I wore I didn’t want to pack anything for such a quick trip, honestly. I wanted to just walk onto the airplane with my shoulder bag, so I planned accordingly. I wore a pair of black Levi’s and a basic tank, and I packed extra socks, underwear, and a shirt in my bag with a toothbrush and other mini self-care items. I brought my teddy coat (remember when we voted on this? LOL) because it’s warm and cozy, and it’s my favorite fall/winter trend that I’ve seen floating around. coffee I showed up to PDX already overcaffeinated, since Cartel (duh) is in the airport. However, I’ve been on a coffee streak lately because of all the things in my life I have going on right now, so we had coffee at Stumptown twice. The new location downtown is super cute, with mid-century inspired furniture, plants galore, and a comfortable atmosphere that simultaneously is tailored for focus and relaxation. The sky was overcast, and the diffused daylight really set the tone for a laid-back day. Another spot I really liked was Never Coffee — just a short walk from where I was staying, they specialize in matcha and specialty mochas. I loved that Never’s small space had a clean design and airy atmosphere with a hint of whimsy with small injections of color in the space. It was so nice to be able to spend the morning sipping on matcha (which I had for the very first time there) and looking at all the cute little houses. honorable mentions I didn’t have the chance to visit: upper left roasters, prince coffee. food I was really excited to try some new food spots, and I was so in love with what we had to eat. The first place we went to was Paadee, a thai comfort food spot. I ordered the Ba Mhee “Pitsanulok”, a noodle soup with pork broth, per Cheyenne’s recommendation. I loved that the ceiling had plants everywhere, and there were string and pendant lights all over. Another spot I loved was in Portland’s Hawthorne neighborhood — for breakfast, we went to Fried Egg, I’m in Love. I am giggling as I type this because I love puns so much. I was so excited about eating my egg sandwich (lovingly named Free-Range Against the Machine) that I forgot to save a photo. But I promise it was amazing. honorable mentions I didn’t have a chance to visit: cheese & crack, tusk. shopping Cheyenne and I mostly thrifted when I was there, but there are so many good spots around Hawthorne. My favorite vintage store of all time that I was looking forward to returning to is House of Vintage — my best friend Tatum and I went there a couple of years ago and had the best luck, and I have been wanting to go back ever since. Some other good larger spots around this area are Crossroads and Red Light Vintage. We dropped into a newly-opened vintage store, Mister Sister, and I loved it in there. The owner is also from Phoenix and everything was so well-curated and cute. I picked up a wool mid-length coat for my move to nyc (31 days y’all omg). honorable mentions I didn’t have a chance to visit: wild poppy goods, WM goods. It felt so refreshing to have a little getaway to see a friend for a day, and it felt like a little goodbye to my mini west-coast trips before my adventures start lining the east coast and the midwest. Let me know if you have suggestions for future travel diaries! I hope this was a helpful lil guide for a day trip to portland! until next post. xx
  • Chloé Bell

    I just commented on your instagram post haha but this totally solidifies the Portland trip dream!

  • Chelsea Shannon

    I love Red Light. Food wise, I suggest grilled cheese grill on alberta anytime and Mothers Bistro downtown for brunch or anytime. @chelsearshannon

  • Martina

    Hi, I’ve been following you for a while now and I think you’re a very cute and strong babe:)
    I really liked reading this post as I love travelling, and I hope to visit Portland soon (although I live in Rome, so it’s a bit far from here ahah)
    IG is @martinamazzaa

  • Susan

    How have I never visited your blog?! Well, there’s a first time for everything. ✨ Portland is on my travel list! 🙌🏻

  • Rachel Bartz

    I love these little glimpses at your life! What a beautiful and cozy trip. I need to find my way back to Portland soon!
    ig: @bartz_rachel

  • Madison Groves

    I love House of Vintage! Sounds like a perfect trip 💛

    – @madisonjgroves

  • Kamra Sadia Hakim

    I’m obsessed with your teddy coat and am looking into getting my own! Thank you for the inspiration! 😘😘


  • Melanie Hauge

    Hawthorne area is so great! Makes me miss the Northwest xx

    Instagram: @melaniehauge:disqus

  • kate hartland

    So jealous! I have been wanting to make it up to Seattle or Portland. You rock that teddy coat.

  • Emily S

    This quickie trip sounds like a dream! ❤☕️


  • Kate M

    Ahhh I love a good pun! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it out to Portland some day, this post is just fueling my excitement 🙂


  • Angie C.

    This sounds like a lovely mini getaway! I definitely need to go to fried egg, I’m in love on my next visit! Puns are my favorite as well! IG: @ohheyang_

  • Keiana

    I can only imagine how amazing the thrifting was! Definitely going to bookmark these places to visit one day in the future.
    IG: @thelittlestkei

  • Laura

    I lived in Portland for 7 years and this post definitely made me miss it!! Looks like you hit up some of the best spots. Check out Palace (vintage) next time, one of my faves! xx @gold_paint

  • Kelsey Lyons

    You have me looking up flights from NYC to Portland – coffee shops and their tiny are some of my favorite pastimes 💘@wishyouwerebeerx

  • Elizabeth Hunt

    Yum I love me some Matcha! You’ll have to try Matcha Cafe Wabi in the East Village, once you get settled in nyc. 🙃

  • Daisy

    This mini vacation looks so fun and relaxing; I love everything about it! If I ever find myself in Portland I’ll definitely be sure to check out some of these places(especially when it comes to thrifting and coffee). Congrats on graduating Ashley! I would love to read a blog post about your big move to NYC, from the actual move to setting up your place💖@stateofloveandthrust