I am Ashley. I am 21 years “old” and a writer. I have been blogging about my life since 2014, and it has been so fulfilling. I enjoy writing about my style, home, lifestyle, and my personal life on here, and I refer to it as my “digital living room.” I try to make my little corner of the internet a cozy place where you can curl up with your coffee and talk with me, one-on-one. Some of my favorite things are macaroni and cheese, nostalgic music, my bicycle, vintage shopping, filling my home with the things that make me happy, my partner Aaron, any book by David Sedaris, and a perfect pair of shoes. Let’s stay in touch! Follow my daily adventures on Instagram or subscribe to my email list in the right-hand column!
  • Fab Botelo

    I love just love your about, you`re totally right, i think in the same way.
    I enjoy so much your work.

    Good luck and keep doing like this.

    Fab Botelo. <3