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Ashley Ballard is a lifestyle blogger and digital creative. She is a record junkie with a near-ridiculous obsession with Morrissey, 80’s synth pop, actual indie music, folk, classic rock, and Jimmy Buffett. She is a proud feminist. She is a traditional minimalist, constantly parting with material things.  An avid reader and writer, Ashley enjoys a rich collection of essays or a biography. She rides her bicycle everywhere, a black fixed-gear by the name of “The Dark Steed”, who has become a personified character in her life and her blog. Ashley is a vintage addict who thinks that a giant antler totally suffices as a centerpiece for a coffee table, and that it is completely socially acceptable to use vintage pornography as decor. She thinks she could make money being paid NOT to sing.

Ashley lives a fulfilling life in PHX, AZ, finishing her degree in Journalism at Arizona State University with dreams of becoming a columnist and essayist.

Closet Vomit is for the person who values the meaning of what they put on their body every day. It’s for the girl who doesn’t skip the men’s section. This is a blog for people who are in their twenties, but feel like they don’t mesh with what people in their age group are wearing. Closet Vomit is genderless and ageless. It is for people who are so sure of who they are that they can pull of anything, and people who know that style is an ever-changing aspect of who you are.



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