I’ve always been a sucker for streetwear brands. Between my affinity for wearing shirts as dresses and having clothes with neutral colors and bold statements, I have always found the coolest pieces from small up-and-coming brands that may have a small following, but enormous sense of character. I do love this shirt I am wearing today, from the California-based street brand Rumor Has It… . I am absolutely obsessed with their minimalist, simplistic designs and their huge expanse of different products (tanks, track pants, sweatshirts… it goes on). The enthralling thing with simple brands like this one is that it allows for creativity to flow from the person wearing it- anyone can adapt their style to simple streetwear. I personally love wearing pieces like this tank with some unique tights and a pair of Jeffrey Campbells (I am wearing the Roks-Hi platform sandals here). I feel that I have very slim boundaries with what is considered “socially acceptable” to wear in public, and this tank definitely let me push it, per usual.

Top provided by RUMOR HAS IT… APPAREL