Threw together an outfit for back-to-school week. Also, yesterday morning, my new LIMECRIME mint lipstick came in the mail, which I was super excited about. I remember when the line came out six years ago (it is currently their anniversary), and I wanted a tube so badly, and I was happy to finally have one in my makeup bag… or proudly sitting on my shelf. 

Now having pink hair has brought out an angle of my style and personality that I was not even aware of. I feel like it is easier to take bigger fashion risks and try new ideas. Walking down the street confidently is a rewarding feeling, as I feel original and refreshed (and I constantly receive compliments on it). I am luckily still extremely in-touch with my personal style, but it has been quite the adventure thus far experimenting with a look like this one.

body chain provided by AMBROSIA MALBROUGH

hair designed by AUTUMN ABRAMS

photographed by NICHOLE PERLBERG