In retrospect of my long, exhausting day, I am relieved I wore what I did. I spent my day off of work and school diving headfirst into getting a lot of tasks done and hurdling an obnoxious amount of obstacles, and I was happy to at least be able to spend my busy day around the city wearing something comfortable, minimal, and completely in my element. My legwear, large blouses, slides, and my briefcase bag are go-to essentials for a busy day (or any day, I should say). However, I can not hand all of the credit to myself. My favorite film of all time is Love and Other Disasters, which features Brittany Murphy as a fashion assistant for U.K. Vogue. Both the production design of the film and Murphy’s costume design are incredibly inspiring for my own fashion choices, as she is seen throughout the film in neutral, comfortable clothing: mostly black leggings and a neutral, oversized shirt. The design of the film is undoubtedly the embodiment of my personal style.

After a long, tough day, I intend to relax and remind myself how lucky I am. 

photographed by NICHOLE PERLBERG