The multifaceted nature of streetwear is still overwhelming to me. While quickly and hastily getting dressed for a makeshift after-work post, I realized how much I love different skater and hip-hop street brands, as it gives so much leeway for self-expression. This is especially true in my case, as one of my favorite things to do is push the envelope by wearing t-shirts as dresses (thank you TAYLOR MOMSEN for inspiring the world to do so).

Another cool thing about this outfit: I thought I had retired these tights back in March after wearing them to BURGERAMA III in Santa Ana, CA, and having them completely destroyed. While going through some things I still haven’t unpacked into my new house, I discovered that I still own them, and decided to wear them one last time before tossing them. We’ve had some great times together, stockings. You will be missed.


STOCKINGS BY MODCLOTH (not originally distressed)