instagram // a life documentation in photographs


As a barista in a cafe and restaurant, I constantly experience the entertainment of catching someone Instagramming their coffee, food, or even the shop. Though I laugh in the moment, I do not have much room to talk, as Instagram is by far my favorite platform ever (not to mention every other thing I post is either my shoes or my coffee). And it makes sense: as an enthusiast for the lens and the art of shoving my creations in others’ faces, it is a platform that satisfies my artistic thirst and allows me to be social and still be a functioning, active human being.

Our feeling of obligation to digitally document every waking moment of our lives is a fickle thing; some may even argue that it is obstructive to fully experiencing our surroundings. And, of course, like anything else, there is an extent to which it is excessive and interferes with our ability to simply enjoy our day (spammers, I am side-glancing you fiercely right now). But the ability to have inspiration from so many artists, stylists, musicians, friends, family, and entrepreneurs available with a couple taps of your fingertip? That is a privilege that helps all of us advance as creators.

The bottom line? Instagram your coffee to your heart’s content. But sip it slowly.

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