IMG_6621IMG_6555_edited-1After spending so much time waiting, I am excited to say that I am back in the swing of regularly contributing to my blog. I shot this post today downtown with my best friend, and I am more than thrilled with the way my outfit turned out. This look channels some of my favorite aspects of my style: oversized dresses, my giant, nineties vintage, Hot Topic platform boots, peter pan collars, and, of course, black. The heat nearly killed me after a while, but with a triple shot keeping us going, we created work that I was able to be satisfied with and I am ecstatic.In other news... the amazing graphic designer Hannah Rose Beasley has done an amazing job at coding my blog and designing everything around it. She is so talented, and I highly recommend having work done with her, if you are a blogger yourself. I am so glad to have my blog the way that I want it, and I am so excited to grow with all of you the same way that my work is growing with me.