DSC_0045DSC_0073DSC_0075DSC_0033_edited-1Today is an important post for me. Not only am I thrilled to have seen a Frank Lloyd Wright concept in person (more on that in a second), but also I finally let my boyfriend take photographs for my blog. We are coming up on a year of being together, and I have never let him take a picture of me for my project. Not once. And this may come off as illogical; he is a talented photographer, studies photojournalism at university, and is a professional in his field. However, I never let him take photographs of me because I have this fear that having a blog documenting myself would portray itself as an act of narcissism, and I was afraid that losing myself in the moment of being photographed, becoming mentally submerged in a sea of confidence and fickle posing, would somehow unleash this other part of myself that I feared to be undesirable to anyone. Luckily, my anxieties were just getting the best of me, because we had a lot of fun and my investment in creating something new was more of an act of passion, rather than self-absorption.Now, about the building... this is a Frank Lloyd Wright concept home, titled House of the Future. It was first created in 1979, and is an absolute dream. It embodies the essence of mid-century, geometric, minimalist perfection, and I am in love with it. Supposedly people live there, but nobody answered the door and it isn't cared for very well (such poetic tragedy, in my opinion). My apologies to the people who may live there. I stood on your house. Sorry.You can find a similar midi skirt here. Most of everything else is vintage.PHOTOGRAPHED BY AARON SOTO - SEE HIS WORK @AARON_NOIADon't forget to adventure + dress well!