IMG_6759IMG_6774_edited-1 Today, naturally, I am wearing an oversized dress from Vero Moda with an Urban Outfitters online-exclusive oversized shirt from BDG. I paired this with my Ulay Invaders from my local Buffalo Exchange and my vintage Hot Topic stacks. I love this dress so much; it is three sizes too big on me (I am a size S, this is an XL) and it has a geometric print, which we all know was made popular last year by American Apparel's Lita (formerly "Lolita" and altered for obvious reasons) design, specifically the two-piece tank/skirt ensemble, which I still think is to-die-for. I typically am not much of an enthusiast for trends, but the fact that AA can take a simple print and transform it into a branding strategy is just otherworldly.I know I just wore these boots, but they just pair so well with my large dresses. Clunky shoes paired with a nice dress is always a great combo on me. I love mixing my vintage florals with a grunge undertone as well... I was so tempted to wear my oversized vintage floral blouse as a dress with this ensemble, but I am saving that one for another time.Don't forget to love me on LOOKBOOK, please!