IMG_7141FotorCreatedOne thing that I always find myself preaching (as a lot of you know) is the importance of quality footwear. Platforms have been a classic for a while now, and I never found myself wearing any like these, since so many were poorly-crafted and horrible for my feet. Luckily, my new friends at IFCHIC.COM have teamed up with me to explore the many brands that they retail, and, lo and behold, I fell in love with these amazing white leather platforms from MIISTA. They are extremely quality and comfortable, and they are a new challenge for me, since I don't own any white shoes.I had a wonderful and pleasant shopping experience with IFCHIC this past week. Not only do they carry different Aussie/indie brands, but also they have a cool way for you to get a discount every month. Every time you visit IFCHIC.COM, you are able to collect 2 points (each point counting as a dollar), and each month you can collect up to 180 coins -- that's $180 in store credit! On the 24th of each month, you are able to redeem this credit and shop on their website. Check out their hashtag #ifchic24 and you can see some of the stuff people (including myself) have scored!You can also see my shoes HERE  | Photographed by AARON SOTOUntil next time, everyone.