IMG_7701 IMG_7704 IMG_7691The past couple of years of my life have been spent extremely scrutinizing my body. Though I am aware that I am on the thinner end of the spectrum, there have been quite an abundance of instances where I look at myself in the mirror and feel completely convinced that I am not. Though I uphold the belief that bodies of all forms, colors, and structures are beautiful, I, more often than not, do not find myself a part of that equation. I find that my sense of insecurity in my appearance, as well as my accomplishments, affect my work. I want to create content that exudes my (occasional, minuscule) confidence, and this is something that I have been working on since before I even started contributing to the internet. However, I am starting to recognize small bits of growth towards having a sense of security, and with this outfit, I would like to celebrate that.I adore this embroidered dress from TOPSHOP, especially since the sheer area around the chest accentuates my collarbone; I also like that the dress isn't perfectly form-fitting, but slightly loose around the waist for a babydoll-esque fit. I paired this with my DOLCE VITA boots, which I know you guys have been seeing in my posts a lot lately, but they are officially a staple for me. I am also wearing a beautiful, handmade black onyx ring by NIKDREAMER: you can see more of her designs here.All of the photographs were shot by my lovely man-friend-human-person, AARON SOTO.