tumblr_ns9r6j7Yoa1ux4sb8o3_1280As an individual who has been documenting herself in a fashion blog for nearly two years, I can not begin to explain the level of diversity of personal style on the Internet. There are countless different styles that belong to an innumerable population of people who are doing exactly what I do and love the topic just as much as I do; this can be overwhelming to one who isn't familiar with the chaos in the fashion community online. Therefore, I have made a complete guide to the basics and best-kept secrets of keeping up with fashion.To start, I would like to share my personal favorites. This is a compilation of blogs, websites, Instagram personalities, and other resources that I check on a regular basis and are constantly providing me with inspiration:KEEPING UP WITH RUNWAY : you are able to view every piece to walk the runway for Fashion Week on STYLE.COM, all well-photographed, in order, and organized by designer. This is an essential resource for gaining inspiration from conceptual fashion designers. You can see an example here, which is Saint Laurent's Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection, a personal favorite of mine. You are also able to see who sat in the front row, read a review of the collection, and see other photos that document the atomosphere of the show.KEEPING UP WITH BLOGGERS : my favorite bloggers are Sietske Lamers (@connectedtofashion), who blogs about minimalist lifestyle and fashion from her home in The Netherlands; Luanna Perez-Garreaud (@luanna90), a grunge style icon on the Internet, as well as a prime example of brand outreach; and Eugénie Grey (@feralcreature), who is a brand consultant and stylist with an impressive level of transperency and intimacy with her readers, despite having a massive audience.KEEPING UP WITH OTHER ENTHUSIASTS : I always have and always will swear by the amazing community of LOOKBOOK.NU. It has been a platform that has jumpstarted my career as a blogger and has helped me meet hundreds of incredible human beings who understand that getting dressed is the best part of their day. I also highly recommend finding a street style photographer that is interesting to you and follow their work, especially during fashion months. Try to aim for a candid photographer; the best inspiration comes from seeing what real people are wearing. A personal favorite of mine is Bill Gentle, and The Satorialist is another wonderful resource.KEEPING UP WITH CULTURE : my favorite magazine in the world is NYLON MAGAZINE. This publication is the reason that I am a blogger, and the reason that I lust after becoming a fashion columnist. Before her passing, Peaches Geldof had a monthly column called "Just Peaches," and it was the highlight of getting my issue in the mail every month. As a teenager, I wanted to be her. I felt that my interests were similar to hers (sans overdosing on drugs... sorry, Peaches), and I felt that I could collide my writing skills and passion for culture and style evolution into doing the same thing, and I firmly believed that people would read it. I still do. And I am approaching 10,000 readers to back me up on that.KEEPING UP WITH LIFESTYLE : I take my home décor extremely seriously. Everything in my home is there for a reason and extremely scrutinized with placement. A blogger that sympathizes with this is SFGIRLBYBAY, who is a vintage curator with an amazing home in San Francisco. I find that my minimalist and curiosity-influenced home is a huge aspect of who I am that people may not be able to see based off of what I wear (my clothes are far more minimal than my home, though both definitley follow a less-is-more philosophy). I definitley encourage exploring inspiration on PINTEREST as well. Seek more than just ideas for what you wear!Now, for some common favorites that everybody loves:TUMBLR : if you follow the right blogs, Tumblr can be an incredible resource for visual inspiration. I firmly believe that one's personal style is drawn not only from the clothes that they like, but also from their interest in art, music, film, and lifestyle. Tumblr is a compilation of these interests, and there are countless visually-inclined blogs that are perfect for further enriching your knowledge and artfulness, which over time will certainly influence your strive to be yourself and be an amazing, unique individual. I highly recommend using this as a tool. I have had mine for six years, and you can see it here.CHIARA FERRAGNI : model, stylist, designer, and founder of TheBlondeSalad.com Chiara Ferragni is everybody's favorite blogger. She travels more than any other person I have ever seen on the Internet, and it seems like all high-end designers these days are extremely fond of her. Her website discusses a lot of runway and street trends. You can find her on Instagram @chiaraferragni.I hope that you found this helpful, and you can also find even more inspiration on my website, as well as my Instagram @closetvomitfashion.