View More:! Just dropping in with another outfit from this week! I especially like this one because it features one of my staple looks- the oversized sweater paired with a peter pan collar. This sweater from GAP is my new best friend- warm, comfy, grey, and, of course, of pristine quality. I have another grey GAP sweater that I have owned for six years (the one from my collab with LOOKBOOK), and it has worn in so evenly with no sign of ever being unwearable. I suppose the oversized grey sweater alone is considered a closet staple for me. I find sizing to be so open to interpretation- I would argue that only a third of my closet is in my actual size. Everything else is oversized. The other pieces that you see in here are my bone-colored peter-pan-collar blouse from AMERICAN APPAREL, as well as my skinnies from good ol' NORDSTROM. You can also see a little peek of my black onyx ring from sweetheart NIKDREAMER.I am really glad to be back in the swing of posting often. I try to keep my personal life separate from the work that I put online, but I will be short and say that I have been dealing with a lot of mental baggage (I have had Generalized Anxiety Disorder since I was very young), and have been fading in and out of a nervous breakdown the past couple of months. I find that mentality and perception are very fickle aspects of ourselves- nothing stays static, especially when you are predisposed to be all over the place mentally. It is quite the bummer, since my mental health has been affecting my productivity, both online and off. But if there is anything I have learned from this experience, it is that I am doing what I love, typing online for almost ten thousand of you, and that I want this to keep growing. There is no greater goal for me than to influence as many people as I can with my ideas and the written word. So, please, tell your friends, family, enemies... your dog. There is nothing I love more than bringing enjoyment to others through my own creation.If you do happen to have questions about GAD or other personal things I have shared on my blog, you are welcome to email or message me, and I will be happy to answer.And, of course, these lovely shots were by MINKMADE.

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