IMG_8192Yesterday, my best friend and I hosted Friendsgiving for the first time. This was scary for me, since my sister was always considered the culinary type growing up, and I was the person who somehow managed to mess up making toast. However, after reading books I admire like THUG KITCHEN and THE KINFOLK TABLE, I have tried my hand at becoming a better cook over the past six months. And, thankfully, it was a success! After gutting my home office to make room, and with BUZZFEED's amazing guide for hosting Thanksgiving for under $100 (that's right: we each dropped only fifty fucking dollars on feeding ten people), we made everything you see at the table below (sans alcoholic beverages):IMG_8134 copyAll of the recipes in the guide were made-from-scratch, no bullshit, no boxes. The only things that strayed from the guide were my pickled onions, and the green bean casserole went MIA at the last minute (these things just happen). Everybody complimented the turkey, and everything turned out wonderful. It was so fulfilling, since my friend and I spent six hours in the kitchen, and we have always wanted to impress people with our cooking.IMG_8183However, the gift of love and friendship surpasses any level of deliciousness. It was such a wonderful time being able to enjoy a luxurious meal and a game of Cards Against Humanity surrounded with my closest friends, whom I have been close with for up to nine years, and my partner, who is a ray of sunshine. Though I have my own moral conflicts with Thanksgiving (see: that one awesome scene when Wednesday Addams sets the Thanksgiving play on fire), it is important to remember, not just during the holidays, but all the time, to hold those you love and cherish close, because you don't know what the next day holds. My close friend made a toast before dinner about the epiphany he had about this, because his friends were the opening band for Eagles of Death Metal during the Paris shootings, and he realized how finite life is, and that those you love won't be around forever. This was a meaningful speech to hear, and it brought us all closer and made everybody feel gratitude for each other.On a lighter note... enjoy the rest of the little glimpses into last night's festivities, and cherish your time with your friends/family/cat/Netflix account this holiday season.IMG_8140 IMG_8143 IMG_8145 IMG_8178 IMG_8141