_MG_0231Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a reflective and exciting new year! New Year's is my second favorite holiday (the first is Halloween, duh) because it is the one day a year where we all have the opportunity to review how far we have come and set goals for ourselves to improve and change, all the while being heavily intoxicated and counting backwards to midnight. All jokes aside, however, I was extremely happy to reflect on the goals I had set for myself for 2015 and see the experiences I was able to have. In just one year, I traveled seven times, got tattooed four times, learned how to live alone, fell deeply in love, learned the realities of being in the point in my life that I am now, gained thousands of people just like you who are following my daily escapades in fashion and lifestyle, hosted twenty people from multiple countries on AirBnB, saw dozens of bands perform, made strides towards my goal of being a journalist and professional essayist, and became closer and more intimate with my friends. To top it all off, I checked every single resolution off my list in my notebook.My goals for 2016? I want my blogging to reach even more of you. I want to read every book I started, but never finished. I want to invest in high-quality bedsheets. Essentially, I want to take the life that I am so grateful for in this moment in time, and amplify everything around me. And I know that you guys will be there with me every step of the way.Keep your eyes peeled for a home post and more outfits coming soon. xxxPhotographed by EUNICE BECK 

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