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Being in love is so wonderful. When you have someone special that is on your mind for the entire day, everything around you becomes amplified. You notice the sun shining through the trees more often, work isn't quite as redundant and monotonous, and... wait. Is every love song on the radio about you now? They have to be. I like to think of love as the first time film was played in Technicolor with the release of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy's house plummets to the ground, she stumbles out, and everything is so vibrant and colorful. The audience stood and applauded. This is what your entire life becomes when you fall in love. Now, of course, that goes away, and before you know it you are spending the majority of your time wasting your days binge-watching Netflix on the couch and accidentally farting on each other in your sleep. Love is something to be celebrated every day, and Valentine's Day is just a designated day where you are morally obligated to, whether you like it or not! All jokes aside, though, here are my top favorite albums of all time for all types of love -- familial, friendship, eros... we're going to cover everything.


PAUL SIMON - GRACELAND | Okay, this album is typically remembered to be geared more towards politics, but I would also argue that this is a great album to jam to if you are single or celebrating Valentine's Day with a friend (your dog counts). There are lots of platonic undertones to some of the tracks, specifically everybody's favorite "You Can Call Me Al," and then my personal favorite "Crazy Love, Vol. II." There is a definite feel-good atmosphere for the entirety of this album, though sometimes ironic, but nevertheless it is very appropriate for a little friend-appreciation time.

GIRLS - ALBUM | This album defined my coming-of-age, and I would argue it is in my top 20 favorite albums of all time. The youthful undertone and androgynous vocals just scream young love and friendship. This is perfect for hanging out with your closest friends or a new relationship. The lyrics are full of whimsy and heartfelt apologies. This isn't just a Valentine's Day album. This is just an all-the-time, every-day-for-the-rest-of-your-life album. Recommended tracks: "Laura," "Lust for Life," "Big Bad Mean Motherfucker"

FATHER JOHN MISTY - I LOVE YOU, HONEYBEAR | This album is perfect for couples who have been together for a while. I actually got this record as a gift from my man-friend-human-person for Valentine's Day last year. It had come out that week, and he went to multiple stores to find it for me and surprised me with a matching bouquet of flowers. My heart is still recovering from melting all over the floor. This album is the best lyrical representation of the rawest form of love there is. It is bound to give you chills and realize that love evolves with time, and it is a beautiful thing. Don't play around your parents (file under: booty music). 

THE BEACH BOYS - PET SOUNDS | Okay, this one is just plain obvious. What was once the most underrated album of all time is now considered one of the greatest ever written, and I would have to concur. This album has the greatest lyrics, orchestral experimentation, and the perfection of writing songs that sound happy, but still leave you inexplicably crying tears of disorganized emotions. "I'm Waiting for the Day," "God Only Knows," "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)," and "Wouldn't it be Nice" are the tracks you should be jamming to with your loved ones.

Some honorable mentions are: The Friends soundtrack, written by Elton John, Rogue Wave's Descended Like Vultures, First Aid Kit's Drunken Trees EP, anything by Beach House or Bill Evans.

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Now that we have our musical escapades out of the way, I want to talk to you about my friend’s new little business called Party Packed. Essentially, it is a box that you send someone for any occasion, whether they are far away or close by, to remind them that they are loved and being thought of. Everything on the inside is either handcrafted or specially curated for the style and intention of your box. So if you can’t be with someone for Valentine’s Day, keep her boxes in mind! You can learn more at her website HERE.

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