View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/orangesrainbowswalkmenfirefliesBeing an enthusiast for music is an art form. There is nothing better than being asked what is underrated and unheard of in the music industry, and it is especially wonderful to be able to curate different articles of music media and compile them into a small guide of musical films, videos, resources, and books that not only deserve far more credit than received, but also are essential for anyone who is emotionally attached to and cultured in modern and historical music. Here is a list of five crucial articles of music media that every music enthusiast should know about:1) Film: It Might Get Loud (2008)This film is a documentary of the history of the electric guitar, featuring rock artists such as Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White. The specific scene that is the most important is the scene below, which features Jack White building an electric guitar out of random objects, then playing it. He also plays a song of his right after. The clip sends out a message of accessibility and creativity for young musicians, and also is a nod to White's DIY musical roots.

2) Blog: The Wild Honey PieThere are plenty of music blogs and news resources across the Internet, but there are many things that set The Wild Honey Pie apart. First, the website formatting is accessible to users, as well as well-designed. The most distinctive feature on the website is that there is a music player at the top of the page, which features a specially-curated playlist, with the option to buy the song from the webpage with just one click. It is also unique because they offer such a wide range of features, reviews, sessions, compiled lists, and news articles that not only touch on what is big and important, but also features things that are new, noteworthy, and under-the-radar.3) Book: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! : The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé by Bob StanleyThere has never been a book as accurate and concise about the history of pop and rock as this one. Stanley is originally from England, so he provides a unique point-of-view regarding American rock music, especially around the time of the British Invasion (the name given for the early surge in British influence in rock music in the sixties). From cover-to-cover, the book goes into depth regarding the evolution and foundations of pop and rock across subgenres, giving due credit to African-American influences and referencing crucial milestones in music history.You can buy the book here.4) "This Train is Bound for Glory" live performance, featuring Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Mumford & SonsThis video clip is especially compelling because it was recorded on a tour called the "Railroad Revival Tour," on which the folk and Americana bands rode on an American railroad, playing shows and impromptu sessions between stops. This specific performance was a tribute to Woody Guthrie's song "This Train is Bound for Glory," and it is especially overrated because it showed a joyful collaboration between three successful folk bands, and instills the greatest sense of happiness and authenticity, especially through their interaction with the audience and each other.

5) Photographer: Allister AnnAllister Ann is a music photographer, capturing live performances of many folk bands, as well as portraits of notable artists such as Dolly Parton, Jack White, and Adele. Her style is especially fascinating because it has a soft, black-and-white, and edgy essence to each photograph, not only creating beautiful compostition, but also bringing out natural personality and emotion in artists that are typically perceived as fame-ridden and unnatural. She has been recognized as one of the best modern music photographers, and her style is distinctive and honest. Here is an example of one of her live shots of Jack White:bda86d3a5db7dfc8-IMG_5508Overall, each of these media sources is so beautiful and important for understanding music's roots and evolution, and provides an intimate angle to the glamour and artfulness of modern rock n' roll, folk, and pop. TOP PHOTOGRAPH BY MINKMADE - A little shot from an impromptu fun hangout. ♡