IMG_2469Yesterday was the first day of spring. This outfit is a farewell to winter days. Seeing that I live in a desert and it is already approaching 100 degrees outside, this is a farewell long overdue. I am a bit sad that summertime is nearly upon us; the minute I get this beautiful LAMODA 101 coat, I can't wear it. However, I know that this coat is so authentic to my style that I will be wearing it when we reach cooler temperatures again. The blocking between the stripes and brown in the coat is so eye-catching, and I can't help but be in love. Paired with my LAMODA 101 D'Orsay flats, this is a great outfit to end the season with. I finally found a pair of D'Orsay flats that flatter my wide feet and are high quality, so I am thrilled. I paired this with my high-waisted black denim from LEVI'S and my BANANA REPUBLIC boatneck shirt.IMG_2493-2I am not emotionally ready for it to be summer. The impending doom of inescapable heat and long days instills a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. I want this summer to be perfect: I want to travel more often than I am at the moment, and I want to work less and write more. I want to grow as a wanderer, a creator, an Airbnb host, and as a blogger. I have a feeling that, come May, you will be seeing a lot of my adventures in globetrotting. Keep an eye out.IMG_2536I haven't posted as frequently as I would have liked to lately. Between focusing on my physical and mental health, making trips, and working extremely hard on school and my environment, it has been quite a stretch making outfit posts happen. I know that I love making things for you, so I know that I need to pull myself up and keep working on my blog. I have a sea of ideas flooding my brain cells, and I'm going to do everything I can to spill them all across this blog. Expect more from me soon. Until next time. xx


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