instagram stock imageIn all honesty, I haven't spent as much time on Instagram lately. With my opinions on the -ahem- update, I have found myself a little less inclined to scroll through my feed all the time.However, opinions aside, I still love Instagram very much. Which is why I am going to share with you five of my favorite people online who happen to have the best Instagram feeds.


Erica Choi is the digital art director for Barney's New York, as well as a blogger. Her photographs, both on her feed and her website, reflect the tiny bits of beauty that can be found in day-to-day life with a careful eye. Her work is exhilarating and full of energy. She also has impeccable taste in investment pieces (she recently discussed her splurge on a Hermès Sac Roulis).I follow her because I personally look up to her and admire her work. She excels as a visual creative, and when I see her work I feel motivated to keep pushing towards my goals.Follow her @eggcanvas or check out her blog and portfolio.


Dullife is a lingerie collector who shares photos of herself modeling her latest finds. Her photos are moody, packed with emotion, and appeal to people who love lingerie that is black & lacy, as well as BDSM-friendly (so me, in a nutshell). Her blackwork ink is also killer. I read a quote from her on one of her posts that I enjoyed a lot:"With so much going on and so many places to be at once, I feel powerful and capable wearing this, even if it is under my oldest, grimiest, holey-est clothes while I work in my studio."The sense of empowerment and sexual positivity I gain from seeing her posts keeps me following her.Follow her @dullife_lingerie.


This account is a collision between my favorite artist and satire account. The tagline is "beautiful people, drawn badly". I'm not sure of the name of the person who runs this account (lol), but they have taken images of fashion icons such as Hedi Slimane and Cara Delevigne and used them as reference for portraits in a very distinct style -- eyes far apart, caricature eyebrows -- presumably "drawn badly". I want one framed in my living room more than anything. Oh, and remember that "sexy" inmate, Jeremy Meeks, that broke the internet? Yeah, he's in there too.Follow @badlydrawnmodels or request a portrait of your own here.


I am a huge advocate for blackwork tattoos. All of the ones on my body are in this style; they are always so perfect-looking when done right, and I feel that people who are tattooed in this style always seem to have deep and creative work done. I like to follow this account because they curate photos of blackwork tattoos that have been posted from artists all over the world, and it is awesome for coming up with my own ideas. Or just for gawking at excitedly.Follow @darkartists.


I also wanted to include someone who is just a human living their life like a normal person. Rob is a follower of mine that I love to follow back. He has the ideal Instagram account, documenting his everyday life in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. He also reminds me of the folk singer Keaton Henson. If you like stalking beautiful strangers online, I highly recommend following Rob.Check him out @thedeerinthebasement.That's all I have for you guys today. Drink some coffee and happy scrolling!IMG_0067 copy