I am very excited to talk about this outfit with you guys. It poses an opportunity to talk about some personal stuff with you, as well as share my experience visiting my DREAM HOME this week.We're gonna talk about gender. We're gonna to talk about minimalism. Keep reading on!I wore boys' underwear as a kid. I know that this is a really random thing to share, but hear me out. My parents were exponentially cool and let me do what I wanted, which also included having pet worms and wearing OshKosh overalls into eternity. I was a tomboy. Being an adult now, I still feel bits and pieces of that boyish kid inside of me. Sometimes I wonder to myself if I fit in the female gender "box," but I know in my heart that I am cisgender. I am just not the most female person in the world, and I am okay with that. This outfit reflects that. I love sturdy, menswear-inspired shoes, especially this pointed-toe pair from ALDO. Paired with some sturdy 701's  and leather belt from LEVI'S and a peter-pan collar shirt from DKNY, which you already know was formerly a dress if you follow me on Snapchat (ballard_ashley). This outfit is a collision of my value of quality over quantity (the golden rule of minimalism) and my tendency to stray outside of the box with womenswear.9W7A40599W7A40779W7A4133 9W7A4089 9W7A4040Okay, now for the fun part. I was honored to be allowed inside of the home of Arizona State University design professor Andy Weed this week. The home is everything I could ever dream of: bright natural light, very few things, and everything is stripped down to the bare essentials. The best part was that Andy designed much of the furniture himself to complement his lifestyle and needs, and he is currently in the process of having these pieces available for others to buy and have in their homes (I WANT EVERYTHING). The entire home is so bright and beautiful, and I was almost moved to tears because I was able to enter a home that is the exact environment that I want for myself to maintain my mental and creative stability, the entire reason I am a minimalist in the first place.Everything in Andy's home has a story. The bike, which is one of the first things that caught my eye when I stepped inside, is an entire story in itself. He had two of them, one of which he bought off the street while living in Amsterdam. One was stolen, so the bike is now alone in its own special corner of the house.Andy even designed some of his kitchenware himself, including his own pour-over coffee setup.The space was beautiful, and I hope to return very soon. Until then, I'll be at home gutting my apartment all over again.PHOTOGRAPHS OF ME BY DILLON JOHNSONProcessed with VSCOcam with a9 preset