IMG_0606You all know I have been inching towards being an all-around lifestyle blog. You also know that I have been working on finishing every last detail of my house to make it perfect for a home tour (finally). Well, we are one step closer to that home tour! Here is a little curation of all of my favorite home and lifestyle goods for this fall!I love this leather messenger bag from EQUAL UPRISE, which is my new favorite online home goods store. Everything they sell is ethically handmade by artisans, and 10 percent of each sale is set aside to reinvest in the businesses of artisans from foreign countries. Everything is so cute, perfect, and HIGH QUALITY. Seriously. Every piece from Equal Uprise is an investment, and this bag is going to be my school bag for this upcoming semester (my last full year of school!!!).IMG_0696The striped alpaca blanket is also from Equal Uprise, and is the softest thing I have ever touched in my life. It is so enormous, and I didn't have the heart to stow it on a shelf with my other throw blankets, so it is draped effortlessly over my couch to add extra comfort and neutrality to my living room space, which is still being worked on, hence why there is no home tour up yet.


My other essentials for fall are little notebooks, lotion, oversized cutting boards, and a good biography. I found this little botanical notebook in an independent shop in Ballard, Seattle for $5 and it is the love of my life. I keep all of my to-do lists in there because I made a to-do list every single day, and then another at the beginning of every week.With it being windier in the fall, I always love a good lotion to keep my skin from getting chapped and dry. I use this cacao lotion because it is the only lotion that has worked perfectly on my skin. I discovered it after my partner's mom got me a tube of it for Christmas when she was in Brazil, and I just had to get another one, I love it so much. I don't know of anywhere in the US you can buy it, but I have seen it on Amazon.I stalked this oversized cutting board at Sur La Table for months. Literally months. I liked to "visit" it every time I was at Sur La Table, but I couldn't justify impulsively dropping $100 on a cutting board. But then it went on sale for $40 and I knew it had to be mine. I hugged it in the car the whole way home and it makes me so very happy. It is big enough to serve a pizza on it, or even use for a cheese board. I love when people hang their cutting boards, especially round ones, and this one hangs proudly in my kitchen alongside my rectangular cedar board.I love to read more often in the fall. Nursing a hot cup of coffee and reading a dramatic biography is one of my favorite pastimes. Non-fiction has become the only genre of literature that I enjoy reading anymore, and I highly, highly recommend "The Unruly Life of Woody Allen," which is the most detailed biography of Woody Allen to date. I think the thing about it that makes me enjoy it the most is that Woody didn't want the book to be written. Other great non-fic reads are "Yeah Yeah Yeah! The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé" by Bob Stanley, as well as "Lessons in Taxidermy," a memoir by Bee Lavender.I also love this celtic skeleton print by Madame Talbot, which I found in a gargoyle store while walking around in Washington. The style and contrast was absolutely perfect for my home, and I love the little quote on it. It feels very appropriate for fall and Halloween.Speaking of awesomely creepy things, have you guys watched Stranger Things yet? I am so SO in love with that show, and I finished it so quickly. It is the perfect fusion of The Goonies, ET, and Super 8, and I can't wait for them to release another set of episodes. I firmly believe that the 80's were the pinnacle of science fiction, and to see a show so unique that emulated that style period just ripped my heart out. :)Okay, tangent over, just check out the cool pictures.IMG_0691IMG_0699IMG_0641I hope you enjoyed this little curation, and I promise a home tour is on the way soon! xxKeep up with me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK!