IMG_6809-2Okay, I'm back, I promise.Thank you all for your patience with me the past week or so, I know I have been MIA. I've been going through a lot in my personal life, and I knew that it would be the right thing to take a bit of a break. And shit, I really needed it. Now I am back and completely ready to churn out a bunch of good stuff for you!I was ready to spill a bunch of details about why I have needed some time to myself, but a friend of mine advised that I keep some personal details about the matter to myself. And I agree that I should. But I will tell you guys that my absence has been medical-related, and I am also starting a new job and semester of school. And all of this came up in the same week. So, again, thank you all for understanding!Okay, on with the blog post.I am absolutely obsessed with this watch from AARK COLLECTIVE. Its sleek, clean design goes with everything I own and I am a huge fan of their branding. My friend showed me the one he bought last month, and I knew I had to share this awesome company with you. They are based out of Melbourne and their watches are unlike anything else I have seen. The one I am wearing, the Classic Neu, is my personal favorite of theirs.IMG_0551You can buy this bad boy HERE.Another side note about their watches: everything is gender neutral! When I was browsing their site and realized that, I was one-hundred percent sold.I didn't really have a good outfit for these shots, but I'll have some outfits up with it soon!P.S. - If your name is Joey and you stopped me when I was out today to tell me why you love my blog so much, I want you to know that you truly touched me saying all the things you did and I definitely cried after you said goodbye. And I also hugged you and I don't usually hug people. Thank you for being a fan!IMG_6759 IMG_6749 IMG_6739 IMG_6735