IMG_1108I love baths. Everyone has a method of calming themselves down when they are anxious or stressed, and mine is anything that involves water. I don't really believe in horoscopes or anything like that, but in the off-chance that my horoscope actually represents my personality, I am a Pisces, so the bath obsession probably makes sense.I posted these little bath bombs I made on Snapchat and Instagram Stories the other day, and y'all went nuts, so, at long last, here is my little tutorial on how to make eucalyptus bath bombs!Please note that this is my own original recipe that I learned after trying a bunch of other ones.I was inspired to make ones with actual eucalyptus leaves because of this bath bomb from Lush - I enjoy natural artisan soaps and apothecary goods, and having the real botanical element to it kind of seals the deal for me.I've been making a lot of natural foods and soaps at home lately, so I am excited to get the ball rolling sharing these recipes with you. Have a request? Leave me a message on INSTAGRAM.IMG_1101


what you need+ 1 cup baking soda+ 1/2 cup salt+ 1/2 cup citric acid (it's cheap in the bulk section at Sprouts)+ 1 tsp water+ 2 tbsp eucalyptus oil+ 1 tsp lemon oil+ plastic mold (you can get round, lush-like ones on amazon, or use a rubber cupcake mold)+ small bundle of eucalyptus (optional)
instructions1. Mix all dry ingredients (baking soda, salt, citric acid) in one bowl.2. Mix liquid ingredients (eucalyptus + lemon oils, water) in a separate bowl.3. Take your bundle of eucalyptus. Pluck as many or as few leaves off of the branches as you need. Add to your dry ingredients mix, setting a few of the leaves aside for later.4. Slowly add liquids to dry mix, stirring until fully mixed.5. Take the leaves you set aside and place each one at the bottom of the mold you chose - I used a heart-shaped cupcake mold. This will assure each one is cute with one little leaf on top.  Be sure to do this step quickly so they don't dry out.6. Leave your molds in the fridge for 1-2 hours to allow them to fully dry.7. Relax + enjoy.