View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016Just posting a breezy summer look to share with all of you. I am extremely butthurt that it is still over 100 degrees here in the desert, despite the occasional cloudy day or storm. It seems that every summer here has been hotter and hotter, and my patience with everyday life deteriorates with every degree the temperature rises. I have been anticipating fall so much (obviously, since I've been talking about fall things since July LOL) and it makes me so sad that I have to wait so long here. I am aching to live in a place with actual seasons again. Growing up in Detroit was always a treat when the brisk weather crept in and every step you took was an orchestral harmony of crackling leaves. Instead I am here, a recluse to my air-conditioned apartment with a temper that feels at risk of snapping at any second. But I digress.This look is my own personal form of passive-aggression while I anxiously wait for chunky mohair sweaters, layers, felt, thick socks, and hot coffee.View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016My blouse is from my friends at ROMWE - a leader in inexpensive, online fast fashion. They always have cute little blouses and sweaters that are perfect for when the season is changing and you need a quick fix. You can buy this baby here.My denim is from LEVI'S, and my boots are from ALDO's last fall season.Other than begging this scorching summer for mercy, I have been trying to stay ahead in my last full year of college. I just feel so ready to finish and move to the west coast (this is an actual goal) to dedicate my life and all of my time to being a creator and writer. I have a tendency to never allow myself to linger in the moment, and I am always aching for the future and disregarding the present. This is easily my biggest personality flaw. But it's hard not to want to move away when you live in phx, arizona.I am excited to say that I have a lot of great things coming up in upcoming posts - you guys are going to be seeing a lot more of my home starting next week. Because I can't keep a secret, I am going to outline some things that you can expect from me in the very near future:- how I curate vintage home goods- my favorite simple diy's I have done- things I need in my home at all times- simple pleasures for when you're broke and sad- my favorite places to shop onlineIf there is ANYTHING at all that you want to see regarding my clothes, lifestyle, home, etc., please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.I'm going to watch some cult horror films now. Until next post. xxView More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016 View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016 View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016 View More: http://minkmade.pass.us/closetvomitseptember2016