image1(hint: it's not milkshakes.)Essentially, I grew up living at the dentist. Ever since fourth grade on, I was just always there. I was bullied by a lot of girls in elementary and middle school, and one incident left me with half of my front tooth left. I've felt very fortunate to have never felt insecure about having a fake front tooth (despite the fact they don't match lol), but that one case of bad luck led to me needing a root canal, braces, spacers, rubber bands... you name it, I've probably had that shit in my face before. I developed a slight lisp.From high school into college, I smoked a lot of cigarettes on a daily basis and drank a lot of tea and coffee. Though my teeth never looked extremely gross, they definitely became discolored over time. After quitting smoking on a dare two years ago, I knew I needed a bit of a makeover on my teeth to get them looking as shiny and beautiful as possible. I figured if I am going to have a physical flaw in my smile, I may as well own it.That's where SMILEBRILLIANT became my best friend.img_1156Teeth whitening can be so unattainable due to it being expensive, and getting it from the dentist in the past was too much of a hassle for something so simple. When I tried out SmileBrilliant, I saw results in just my first week and I didn't experience any crazy ridiculous sensitivity.The whitening process works the way any normal whitening trays would - you send in impressions of your teeth, get custom trays, and put them in with whitening gel.giphyThough I don't use this on a regular basis, this is an awesome solution for when you feel like your teeth aren't looking one-hundred percent.In fact, I am doing an Instagram giveaway for a free SmileBrilliant kit so you can try out your own! GO HERE FIRST, then you must be following me (@closetvomitfashion) and SmileBrilliant (@smilebrilliant) on Instagram and tag 2 friends in the comments to enter! I will announce the winner next week! Go enter now! :)Or, if you don't like playing your odds, you can get 5% off your entire SmileBrilliant order with my coupon code CLOSETVOMITFASHION. :)As for my regular routines for keeping my teeth white and clean, I like to use baking soda once a week before my regular brushing, just to keep that extra brightness. I learned this technique from my parents when I was little, and I still use it now.I also like to use Sensodyne Pronamel as my regular toothpaste because I am extra sensitive to bacteria and hate having sensitivity to anything cold (ahem... milkshake queen over here). I also got a pack of these little pastel toothbrushes from a market in Japantown, San Francisco for $1.50.img_1152I love these little toothbrushes so much. They make a somewhat boring part of everyday life a little bit brighter.Can't wait to see who wins that store credit! Go enter now!! Until next post. xx