img_1418-copyAt long, long, long last, I have finally reached a point where I feel my house is ready for a little home tour for you guys! There are still some things that I want to replace or change, but the reality of decorating a home is that you are never finished. You are an evolving person, and your tastes and needs change with you.Some people don't like to share where they get their home goods from. But I value transparency and honesty, so I am going to share with you where I got some of my favorite things in my home!Okay, let's do this.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-1My home is extremely important to me. Being a person who strives for creative control, as well as a person with an anxiety disorder, coming home to a simple and peaceful sanctuary is one of my highest priorities. You guys probably see my living room in my snapchats or in some photos here and there, and this is my favorite place to spend time in my home.Lounging on my GREYCORK sofa is the highlight of my day. It's beautiful to look at, artfully crafted, and is such a simple asset in my home that ties everything together. Listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2016, they are a small staff of designers who strive to create aesthetically-pleasing, functional, and accessible furniture for modern homes. Their values very much reflect my own, which is one of the million reasons why I incorporated this couch into my living room.As an essentialist and minimalist-in-training, I only welcome things into my home that coincide with my values, tastes, and needs. Greycork absolutely rocks because they ship you the furniture in a flatpack FOR FREE, and you can return if it doesn't work out for you. And everything assembles in minutes. Everybody wins.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-16Couches can be difficult: they can take up a lot of space and can be expensive. But my Greycork sofa lives with the room, rather than merely in it. It isn't bulky, it's light, and it's well-priced. You can find this baby here.img_1421Lately my favorite thing to experiment with has been texture. I love simple, clean lines and patterns with the slightest (very, very, very slight) tinge of southwestern play. Some of you may remember the day that I bought this mudcloth from the Rose Bowl Flea in Pasadena earlier this year. I scored mine for $15  from this table full of different patterns and sizes, and if it looks familiar, it is because Urban Outfitters came and bought a bunch and they're for sale in their stores now (for significantly more than $15, of course). I haven't seen my pattern for sale anywhere else though, so perhaps I got lucky.Other textures I love to play with are handkerchiefs, blankets, and sheets. I have a cheap lamp in the corner by my dining table, so I dressed it up with a vintage oversized handkerchief to make it look a little prettier.img_143014677858_10205402143211331_1950654575_oI also love this GIANT alpaca blanket from EQUAL UPRISE. It keeps me warm on nights when I have Airbnb guests stay and I am sleeping on my sofa. I store a couple of my throws in this basket from IKEA, which is actually a part of their storage basket system (you know, the one that you install in a closet and it slides?), but it was only $6 and compliments my wire Homecrest Eames chair.14686028_10205402288694968_823685735_nI bartered really hard to buy this chair off a guy from Craigslist after being inspired by SFGIRLBYBAY's home, which I saw in a coffee table book I have about design bloggers' homes. I made the chalkboard on the wall.img_1422My IKEA Kallax shelves are my place to store and display all the treasures I have collected over time. A huge amount of things in my home are vintage and secondhand. I've been collecting and learning about vintage and antiques all my life, and some of my fondest memories of my childhood are going to the "treasure store" with my mom. Curating vintage is an acquired skill, and it is a skill I am proud to have. If I could have my own shop, I would.My mini collection of beakers are from an assortment of different flea markets and basement shops in Ballard, Seattle (my favorite place to go thrifting). The books in the second cube from the left are all first editions, two of which were gifts from my mom (Dorian Gray is my favorite book), and the other two are random finds, including my first edition copy of Equus, which you may remember is the play where Daniel Radcliffe was naked onstage and the world had an aneurysm.Also, there is my record collection, which I started accumulating when I was 14 or 15. I have given away a lot of records over time because I don't like owning things I don't use, but I listen to all of these pretty frequently. My favorite ones are my first press of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, my first press of The Smiths' debut album (DUH), and my original 12" of New Order's Blue Monday/The Beach. The white bin is my box of coloring books, colored pencils, my GameBoy, and my journal.Okay, on to the office area.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-25It took me a long time to get my office looking the way I wanted it to. I finally got the ball rolling around my birthday in February this year, because I received these INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN metal hairpin legs as a birthday gift. I drilled them into my white wood tabletop that I already had to create a desk that was unique to me.I found the succulent and planter for $5 at a wholesale flower market that my friend took me to, and the porcelain hand is vintage and matches the tattoo on my left arm.My letterboard from LETTERFOLK is what truly tied the space together, though. I love customizing the quotes on there all the time, and it has been so much fun having a little board that reflects my mood and thoughts for the day. As you can see, I was dreaming about fall when this photo was taken.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-34I spraypainted my (formerly teal) IKEA rolling cart eggshell white, and then, of course, they came out with that color, so I painted it for nothing. I always keep two cans of white spray paint in my home at all times for quick fixes when I bring home a thrift find.The skeleton print on the desk is from a gargoyle shop. You can also buy it here. All of this designer's posters are SO cool and I love the celtic vibes too.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-47My kitchen is tiny. I try to make the best of it by putting cute little things on the walls and even removing my cabinet doors above my stove to display my jars of dry bulk foods that I bring home from Sprouts. I scored that giant cutting board on sale at Sur La Table for $40 after stalking it at multiple stores for months (it was originally around $100). The guy at the counter thought I was a weirdo because I walked around the store hugging it close. The apron on the wall is a stonewashed linen apron that I found for $20. I dry my own eucalyptus on the wall as well.img_1424 img_1425Some other little details in my house. I found the hanging basket at a flea market for $3 and I lined it with fabric and hung it for my produce.This isn't the nicest-looking part of my home, but I believe that style comes from making the best of your environment and what you have. I am only 20 years old (first mention of my age, sorry guys) and I am renting a one-bedroom by myself with no financial assistance (I work two jobs, blog, and go to school), so I feel pride in everything in my home, because I know that it is above average for someone of my age. If I had it my way, I would make my kitchen just a little bit bigger, hahaha.img_1427 img_1426Okay, bedroom time.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-39I intentionally don't have a lot of stuff in my bedroom. I personally believe that the bedroom is a sanctuary intended just for sleeping, so I don't have a TV or a lot of decorations in my bedroom. I got my giant tapestry from SOCIETY6, and it is a picture of a hairy cow. It scares the crap out of me sometimes, but it was the best impulse buy of my life.I have an affinity for stonewashed grey linen, so I got a set for my bed, as well as extra-soft pillows for when my Airbnb guests come through. The teddy bear on the bed was a gift from my dad when he came back from a business trip to Germany when I was three years old. He is my most valued possession, and I am taking him to the grave with me.ashley-ballard_cordwell_102016-43I made a makeshift dressing table out of a couple shelves, which has a small mirror, my two perfumes, a small white plate with my hairpins on it, and a jawbone. The dried flowers above it are mostly bouquets from my partner, Aaron.Here are a few little wall details from my living room as well. I made the hanging shelf!img_1429I'm so glad that I got to share my apartment with you! There is still a lot to be done, but I know that a lot of you have been asking about where I find my things, and I hope that you were inspired by this post!I'm always checking my DM for questions, so don't be afraid to ask where I found anything I didn't mention in here!Until next post. xxPHOTOS OF ME BY RYAN NEAL CORDWELLSPONSORED BY GREYCORK, EQUAL UPRISE, AND LETTERFOLK CO.