this is the only rattan pendant lamp diy you need

Just the other week, I was walking through one of my local goodwills and came across a rattan wastebasket. Just the week before, I was scouring the internet for the perfect rattan pendant lamp for my bedroom, but to no avail -- nothing was exactly how I wanted it, not the material, not the shape. Upon picking up this wastebasket, something clicked for me: why the hell am I looking to drop nearly $100 on something that I can flip upside-down for a sliver of the price? Being the inherently crafty person I have become as I slither into a broke-bitch adulthood, I bought it for $4 and went home. The next day, hanging out with my blogger bff Megan (you have seen @meganjennifer in my stories on IG), I ordered a pendant light online to go with it. The two of us spent a Tuesday afternoon putting together the vision in my head, and I am excited to share this tutorial with you!MATERIALS

  • woven, wicker, or rattan basket of your choice
  • pendant light and lightbulb (mine is from aliexpress)
  • male outlet plug (if your cord only has wiring at the end like mine)
  • two medium-sized cup hooks
  • matching extension cord (if your cord isn't long enough to reach the outlet)

STEP 1: IDENTIFYING YOUR BASKETBecause this is going to be hanging in your house as a focal point, it is okay to be picky in this situation. Take your time looking through thrift shops or vintage stores to identify the perfect basket that is the material and shape that you want. Another thing that is key: try to find a basket with a hole in the bottom due to the weaving pattern. This will allow a place for your cord to slide through without you damaging your new lampshade. Here is what the bottom of mine looks like:See how that fits like a glove?STEP 2: WIRING YOUR PLUGFirst and foremost, make sure you put the shade on the pendant BEFORE YOU DO YOUR WIRING. Megan and I were dumb and forgot to, so that's your reminder.This is the boring, non-cute part of this entire tutorial, but it is crucial if you order your pendant and realize that it only has the wiring that typically goes into the ceiling.The first thing you do is pop open the plug with a flathead screwdriver. It may pop off easily or it may be resistant, so make sure you are careful not to break the plug during this step.Next, you will either see two or three metal plates with screws -- this is where you insert your exposed copper wires on the pendant and screw them down. If you only have two wires like mine, put them on the two screws that are side-by-side. Our plug had only two plates, so this worked out great.Make sure to tighten down the screws onto the wires, and make sure the wires are touching the metal (electricity, duh).And you can pop the plug back together after your wires are secured.STEP 3: INSTALLING CUP HOOKSWe sadly don't have photos of this because I looked like an idiot trying to screw them into the ceiling, but make sure that you use a plastic anchor (those plastic screw things that you put to avoid drywall damage) to keep your hooks secure. Once you have the anchor in the ceiling, you can screw the cup hook in easily. I liked these cute little white ones because they blend in with everything. You can then loop your cord through them all Tiffany-lamp style so it can reach your outlet.Speaking of which, if your cord isn't long enough to reach the outlet, I recommend either buying a pendant light with an extended cord (12 ft. is usually safe), or buying an extension cord that matches the pendant, which is what I did.STEP 4: PLUG IT IN AND ADMIREI have been obsessing over my new creation since I put it up yesterday and I couldn't be happier.Until next post. xx