july self-care guide

this summer has been an exploration of different methodologies on how to be my best self and allow myself to be in a good condition. I am the type of person who doesn't exercise even the most basic of self-care out of self-destructive busyness that I disguise in the name of "productivity" -- though I would consider myself to be ahead for my age, this is not healthy.So, every month from here on out, I will be writing a self-care guide to share with you. This will be a compilation of all of my strides and goals with how I take care of myself, which you can try too! I will also be sharing some of my favorite products. This will be something fun to share, and I will be able to hold myself accountable.1. my self-care checklistYou all may have seen this on my instagram story a couple of times, but I came across this super useful printable checklist on Pinterest this past month that compiles some of the most basic self-care actions and organizes them into an aesthetically-pleasing list for every day of the week. I've found this to help me the most with staying hydrated and taking my vitamins, which has led to improvements in the balance of my skin. I also love to keep it on my nightstand as a confidence boost and to feel like a real adult. You can find it on the creator's blog here.2. high-quality sheetsAfter a bout of high stress, I have decided to take a break from hosting on Airbnb -- I felt claustrophobic and needed some solitude to focus on improving my physical and mental health. One of the things that bothers me is that I think about how I don't have sheets that are set aside for just me -- all of my sheets have been cycled through for guests to sleep on. I wanted to have sheets that were luxurious and have only come in contact with my body. I love these Luxe sheets from Brooklinen because they have a sense of calming whimsy with the sand-toned polka dots scattered across them, and they are so breathable and soft. Sleeping in them for the first time was a blissful experience. Click below to check them out![show_shopthepost_widget id="2756457"]3. social media breakI know that this is ironic, but ever since the 4th of July I just felt that I didn't have anything important to post or share, which has led to a two-week curb of Instagram posts. I'm pretty bummed because I want to make a bunch of things (not to mention I have people counting on me to make things), but I felt that a little refresh was in order while I get my shit together to be more consistent and organized. Of course I have posted on my stories every day, though, just so I could keep I'm touch and so you all don't think I died, hahaha.4. finding a new favorite grocery stapleOnce a month or so, I like to go to this huge Asian market in my city and pick out one thing I've never tried before. It can be something I've never had in my entire life (black radishes, anyone?), or it can be a familiar thing that I want to start to cook at home. my special thing that I found this month was fresh udon noodles -- I love getting udon when my partner and I go out for ramen, but I never thought to buy them out of the refrigerated section at the store. I found these packaged fresh ones (think maruchan ramen packaging, but not dehydrated and refrigerated instead) for a great price and I made my own soup at home with miso paste and chopped vegetables. I plan to buy these for lazy days when I have leftover veggies that I have to get rid of.this has been a nice little start to my now-monthly self-care posts, and I will have more for you for this August! Send me a DM on Instagram or leave a comment below if you have any requests of something you would like to see next time!Until next post. xx