la, la, how the life goes on

I decided to throw you guys a curveball and wear a red floral print, hahaha. I've always loved florals -- they're my absolute favorite and remind me of all of the vintage dresses I bought in high school at my local goodwill. This dress is from Fame and Partners, and it combines florals with some of my other favorite things: sustainability and high-quality goods. These dresses are custom made to eliminate fabric waste and it fits perfectly! To be transparent, my Instagram post was sponsored but this blog post isn't -- I'm saying this because I truly love this brand and this dress makes me feel so pretty on my more femme-presenting days. I didn't have to make a post about it, but you guys know that I only back up and work with brands I believe in. It isn't integrated advertising, this is my life and my beliefs :)I paired this dress with my vintage woven circle bag and vintage Tommy Hilfiger block heel Mary Janes ($6 at goodwill!!) and it has been the perfect summer-to-fall transition look!Okay, that's all I have for now. Until next post! xx