my thoughts on quality shoes + early fall diary

I have a bit of a ranting diary post, so I'll preface this with what I'm wearing to save y'all the grief.The denim I am wearing is from BDG at Urban Outfitters -- I love their pieces because they are designed for curvy girls like me, and I feel so confident in them! I paired it with a little polka dot shirt that I thrifted -- I've been trying to master transitional outfits for between seasons.And the best part of all are these beautiful James oxfords from Nisolo. They are one of the nicest pairs of shoes that I own, and my second pair of Nisolo's overall. They work well for anything, from my casual trips to the farmers market, to working on stories in the newsroom at school. They're comfortable, walkable, and the leather is exquisite. I've never slipped on a pair of shoes that represent me as a person as much as these shoes do. You guys know I am always emphasizing the importance of quality shoes, which is why I will always share my favorite pairs with you.Okay, on to the diary part.--It's currently Saturday morning. Yesterday I took my first day off in a month... again. Right now is the hardest I've had to grind in my entire life; between work, school, two internship programs, blogging, hosting on airbnb, and having a morsel of a social life, I've been stretched extremely thin. On a morning like this one, where I moved a bunch of things around and made sacrifices to be in the right place at the right time, I like to take some time to reflect on the positives that have happened recently. Just taking five minutes of silence to breathe and reflect resets me for the rest of the day.But, if we are going to be real here, I need this shit to be fucking over.I'm grateful to have the opportunity to have an education (on the dimes of myself, family members, and good ol' sallie mae, of course), but the immense amounts of stress from 8-9 hour days some days at school, followed by reporting stories in my "down time", with a 30-hour work weekend, work for an internship, work for this blog (that part never feels like work, though!), and to be told this week that I'm not working hard enough -- it's disheartening to say the least. My latest life skill that I've been trying to learn lately is being able to admit when you can't do everything, and now is one of those times. I can't do all of this, but I will find a way anyway. That's what happens when you love something enough -- you make your impossible possible.I didn't feel like giving up when this person told me I'm not working hard enough. I felt like giving two middle fingers with my hard work. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.Until next post. xx