my 2018 resolutions + a little playlist


I've really taken time this week to reflect on the past year, both on my own in thought, and with you guys in the form of my 2017 photo diary. My two favorite holidays are Halloween and New Year's Eve, and I have my own personal rituals that come with the new year.

My favorite ritual is the way I write my resolutions. Every year, I write five or six reasonable goals for the year that I want to accomplish, whether it be focused on personal growth, my well-being, my career, or my experiences. Past years have been mostly focused on accomplishing things that I would expect myself to do, such as graduating college, landing an internship, and other milestones that are more technical than pleasurable (don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the opportunities I have, but they have come to define my lifestyle). However, this year, 2018, is more of an open book. I have no more motions to run through and I am now entering my post-grad life, unbridled, thirsty for opportunity and the ability to channel my passion into hard work and experiences.

In fact, my future is so wide open that it was difficult to narrow my goals down to just six simple resolutions, but I tailored down my racing mind to what I feel is practical, desirable, and true to me for 2018. Here we go!

1. Find a job that I truly enjoy

I was told a lot growing up that I will hate my job no matter what, so I should just chase the highest-paying career. As I have grown older, I have learned that that mindset is not only completely stupid, but also sets the groundwork for an unhealthy mindset and a lack of self-worth. As I hit the ground running in my career, I want to pursue something that fulfills me creatively that I am passionate about in an environment where I can wear multiple hats (figuratively... literally too, actually) and feel like my work is valuable to a collaborative whole. This is my biggest priority for 2018!

2. Break codependence with toxic relationships

Before any of y'all start panicking, I want to clarify that this is directed towards non-romantic relationships! Aaron and I are very much ~*~healthily in luv~*~

The biggest thing I learned about myself in 2017 is that I spend too much time believing that I can fix people and that I am responsible for the actions of others. I am starting to know in my heart that this is not true, and I am making sure this year is focused on self-care and recognizing when boundaries are being crossed when it comes to emotional labor that is "expected" of me. Codependence is a difficult and tiring thing, and if you struggle with it, I highly recommend reading "Codependent No More" -- you can buy it here on Amazon!

3. Make blogging a top priority

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I love you guys and all of your support and I want to make the best things for you this year! I definitely owe it to all of you after not posting as much as I wanted this year LOL. I am hoping that there are amazing things to come on the blog once I am in NYC! I always say that my blog would be much further along if I made it a priority from the start, and it's time for me to stop talking and start doing.

4. Focus on my health

I was at the doctor WAY TOO MUCH this year you guys. I went to the dentist like six times, I went to the general practitioner a bunch, I had to go to a podiatrist to have a toenail surgically removed, I was hospitalized for being hit by a car while on my bicycle. Also this year, I gained 10 pounds, my endometriosis pain is at an all-time high (I just found out that certain foods make the pain worse?? Just a heads up for my endo friends out there), my diet has been terrible, and my anxiety has been crazy. I believe that wellness starts with a positive mindset, so I am going back on a regular vitamin schedule, hydrating, staying active, and eating well again.

5. Do one thing I thought I could never do

I wanted an open-ended resolution this year to inject some unknown and some adventure! This could be anything, whether it be landing a dream job, traveling somewhere new, or even something as simple as finally nailing a complex solo piece from start to finish on my cello. I can't wait to look back on these resolutions in a year and see what that could be!

6. Read all the books I started and never finished

I'm not going to lie, this was my resolution last year too, and I didn't do it. I keep accumulating all of these books that I want to finish, and what has happened is that I am halfway through about 30 books. No exaggerations here. 30 books. I probably finished two or three this year. We will see if this one happens, hahaha.

Alright, as promised, here is a little New Years playlist for you as well!


Until next post! xx