my new home in nyc!

Hi everyone! I just want to start this out by thanking all of you for your patience and support during my huge move to NYC. You guys gave so many awesome recommendations during my road trip here and after I made it to my new home, and I am so grateful. I know that we have been anticipating this post sharing my new apartment, so here is a tour of my room!

I am currently living in Brooklyn and I love my neighborhood. It's quiet but still full of things to do, and I am just a few blocks away from Prospect Park. I love that my apartment is bright and has beautiful wood floors, two things that I wanted most out of my new space.

You guys also voted on my IG stories for a video, so I put something together! If you are a fan of experiencing my blog in this format, subscribe or leave a comment letting me know so I can make more things like this for you!

This space has had its challenges since I got here two weeks ago. I felt like I didn't have enough space for my things, despite having downsized like crazy before leaving. I have learned to use my vertical space with shelving, but that became a challenge as well when I purchased the LACK floating shelves from IKEA (I think it's short for "Lacking Support"). They weren't supporting anything and almost fell on multiple occasions, but luckily I purchased these cute white brackets (also from IKEA) to support them, and I think the shelves look cuter this way.

I am also trying to avoid making my apartment an IKEA showroom, but I feel these look a lot better than your typical IKEA shelving.

I have doubled my working space as a vanity for doing my skincare routine in the morning, and I found this adorable oval mirror at Olde Good Things in Soho. I also have been using this mirrored tray from West Elm to display my skincare, and I think it pulls my things together. I also made my desk out of my metal hairpin legs from Industrial by Design that I already owned, and I screwed them into this piece of birch wood that I purchased at the hardware store. Literally took five minutes!

My favorite part of my room at the moment are my vertical shelves displaying my shoes -- I was inspired by Pretty Little Fawn's office space where she used the shelves for the same purpose. It really helped with getting my things off the ground, and I feel it pulls the space together. I made sure to keep enough distance from the ground to keep my Hunter rain boots underneath!

I also purchased a bed riser to store larger items, such as my suitcase and cello, underneath, and it made a huge difference. I originally didn't want to have a bed riser because I was going for an artistic, minimalist look with having just a mattress on the floor, but I realized that I just don't have the space in this room where that would be plausible. It may be something for the future, though! :)

I was also really inspired by people stacking books next to their beds and doubling it as a nightstand (for reference: Apartment Therapy), so I decided to incorporate that, and I added some dimension by putting some candles, eucalyptus, and my deer figurines.

Despite having aesthetics down for this new space, I am still facing some challenges. For example, I am having a hard time storing my extra self-care items and blankets, all of which are underneath my desk for now until I find a new solution. I'm also trying to adjust to a routine in a new space, which I think will just come with time.

This is an initial tour, but you guys know that this space is going to evolve and change a lot. I'll be documenting everything as I go and I'm happy to share the process with you guys!

Until next post. xx