my hair routine!

My hair has always been a whimsical form of expression for me since the first time I dyed my hair at 14. I still remember that day so well: I begged my mom for ages to let me dye my hair a bright auburn red, and finally the day came: my mom and I went to the drugstore by the house we used to live in, picked out the brightest shade of red she would permit, and I remember us clad in giant t-shirts as I hunched over the bathtub, intoxicated by the smell of boxed hair dye, as my mom helped me properly coat the roots of my hair. It was a liberating moment, altering my hair for the first time in a (ironically parent-approved) bout of teenage rebellion.

From then on, I dyed my hair so many colors: black, blue, blonde, neon pink, millennial pink. One time as a teenager, instead of grounding me, my dad made me dye my hair back to its natural color. I've had every cut under the sun as well, including three attempts at bangs (inspiration from Zooey Deschanel played a huge role in this perpetual cycle), the infamous scene kid hair (Hot Topic 'coon tail hair extensions included), a Justin Bieber cut, pinup victory rolls, dozens of hacks at my hair at the bathroom sink... I had three feet of hair at one point that I grew out naturally and took great care of, only to hack it off into the beatnik haircut I have now that y'all are familiar with (RIP).

The point of this entire laundry list of hair choices I've made is that I have had a lot of experience with hair and its styling, and somehow I have ended up quite content with the way my hair looks now. After hearing questions from y'all in my DM's on my Instagram, I decided it would be fun to share some of my absolute favorite products and techniques for how I make my hair the way it is now!

For reference, this is how my hair is currently styled:

I've really been into curving the ends of my hair in for a more classic, vintage-inspired look, as opposed to past looks I've had where it's been pin-straight or styled wavy. I also prefer my bangs to be cut half an inch above my eyebrow.

My routine is this: I need to wash my hair often because it gets oily easily (I try to keep it to every other day), and I like to start by massaging Rene Futurer Complexe 5 Plant Extract on my scalp before shampoo. It seriously is a miracle product, and I'm not being paid to say this at all. It keeps my hair so healthy and shiny, and when people ask how I keep my hair so healthy, this is it. No bullshit, I could never recommend a product more. It even smells like lemon candy. It's just amazing.

After washing and conditioning my hair, I like to air dry if I have time, so when I am working from home on weekday mornings, I usually let it dry as I work. If not, I like to blow dry my hair with a roundbrush to give it the shape that I have. I also use my straightener to curve my ends in.

My hair has a tendency to fall flat, so I am in love with the Wave Spray from OUAI -- it's supposed to create beachy waves for other hair types, but mine doesn't take to it that way. Instead, it adds body and texture, so I like to spray it on my roots and shake it through my hair.

Another lifesaver for me is the Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo from Living Proof -- like I said earlier, my hair gets so oily it's honestly gross. I like to keep a mini bottle of this guy in my bag to carry around with me for quick mid-day relief. The price tag is a little higher than most dry shampoos, but you don't have to use as much and it doesn't leave a residue like other products.

And, of course, if you want to shop any of these things, you can do so down here!

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I hope that this little blog post was helpful to you! Whether it be in the comments or on my Instagram, let me know if you would like to see more little posts like these.

Until next post. xx