how i keep my vintage style!

I am excited to finally kick off posting all of the blogs that you all requested on my Instagram! Just a refresher for everyone: a couple of months ago, I made a post asking for everyone to comment blog post requests and that, no matter what the topic, I would follow through and do them! It has been a fun challenge to take on, and I will be sharing these for a while because there were so many!

So, for starters, here is my post on how I keep up my vintage-y style.

1. Buy actual vintage!

My favorite, FAVORITE hobby is going to different thrift stores, estate sales, and vintage markets to collect things that inspire me without the distraction of trends or fast fashion. This helps me decide what I truly love, rather than buy things on impulse because that is what is perceived as "on trend" at the time. I have discovered some of my favorite things this way: scouring my local goodwill every day after school led me to loving nineties floral dresses. Estate sale-ing got me into one-of-a-kind pieces and seventies housewares. Flea markets opened my mind to trying more obscure cuts and fabrics. I promise, if you have a big, disorganized mess of a million styles of clothing before your eyes at cheap prices, you will find yourself in there. It's the most exhilarating activity.

2. Source inspiration from old films, music, magazines, anything!

This one will be a no-brainer for anyone who likes the classics. I often find myself citing my favorite movies and bands when it comes to style inspiration, and it is an extra special connection because you're emulating someone that you admire as an artist. Some style inspirations I have are Audrey Hepburn, specifically in her everyday life, Jane Birkin, and Martha and the Vandellas:

3. Keep your eyes online too!

Sometimes there's something I want that I know I will never find in a thrift store in my area, and when that happens, I like to cheat a little. I'll go onto Etsy and look around to find something similar to what I want. I've done this with dresses especially lately -- I was taking a shower one day and while I was washing my hair the idea of the perfect vintage dress came to mind -- a sleeveless gingham flared sixties dress. I thought to myself, "there's no way I'm finding one of those in real life," and with a quick Etsy search, I found the dress of my dreams and bought it! It will be a lot more expensive than thrifting, but you're paying for the convenience of not having to search for months! Here's a pic of the dress of my shower daydreams that I found online:

I hope that these tips were helpful to you! Good luck and have fun discovering your favorite vintage styles!

Until next post. xx