the best self-care methods, according to YOU!

Here's a quick little micropost for y'all! Long story short, I put on my Instagram this morning that I was feeling really low, something that's been happening often lately. I opened up the floor to all of y'all for your best suggestions on how to take care of yourself, and the response was so overwhelming, I wanted to share all of your answers here!

Okay, here we go!

 "I go for a walk or drive, treat myself to some ice cream, and listen to a podcast!"
"A lil cry, tea, Netflix"
"A shower or bath and walk and if possible a friend date."
"Watch cat videos and/or a series/movie I love."
"Get out of the house. [My husband] Nathan always makes me and it helps. #distractions"
"Crying always helps me! And then getting super fucking high."
"Work out or read a book!"
"A bubble bath, ginger tea, binge watch parks and rec :)"
"I rewatch my favourite films and reread my favourite books while I do extensive skincare."
"Sit in a cafe w/ a comforting atmosphere, draw/write whatever is on my mind."
"Escape as far as possible into a book."
"Museums, pool beach days summer charms me out of funks more than colder months."
"Nature! Like Brooklyn Botanical Garden (free [Fridays] until noon)."
"Bicycles, walks, dance, talk to mirror, shower sing along/catharsis, get lost in a book."
"Watch movies, talk to loved ones and eat ice cream."
"Listen to a tune I love singing along to, drink my favorite tea, breathe."
"I talk a walk in Long Beach at a park that overlooks the ocean. Being in nature helps me a lot."
"Stay in bed longer. Watch Bridesmaids. Journal. Eat a good meal."
"I find that singing along to happy songs (especially from musicals) always jazzes me up!"
"Cute anime or games with soft music, lavender candles and tea."
"I feel that for sure. I stay home, watch my favorite movies and order take out and be cozy."
"I try to do something creative. For me it's taking landscape film photos or writing."
"Eating one of my favorite foods and/or binge watching something that makes me lol."
"Reach out to friends to make plans for the future, eat some comfort food, go to the movies!"
"Try to do things only for YOU that day, whatever that may be... drawing, vintage shopping."
"If you play anything, making music or writing letters I don't send helps me big time."
"The Mortified podcast. It's ppl sharing entries from their HS diaries. A good pick me up."
"Me too!... I just try to keep busy by working or I work out or try to learn new songs on my uke."
"Weed, baths, pet snuggles, candles, a good book, and reruns of The Office."
"Acknowledge that it's ok to feel how you're feeling. Don't force yourself to be happy."
"I do something that makes me happy like hang out with my dog or listen to records."
"Full shower. Get dressed. Light makeup & fancy perfume. Call a friend. Go outside."
"Feel all the feelings. Write it, talk to yourself etc. Feel whatever it is, so it can pass."
"Taking it slow. Giving myself a break when I need it."
"Doodle, read a book, think of random business ideas. Think of all I'm accomplishing."
"Talk to people (sometimes though. sometimes you gotta have you time.)"
"Listen to music and sing along (because I can't not), listen to podcasts, walk in the 'hood."
"Journaling and making goal lists!"
"I snuggle my pets and read my favorite book."
"Reading a book in Central/Battery Park!"
"Watching MOVIES or looking back to my favorite funny memories."
"Retail therapy, watercolors."
"Baths, reading the Power of Now, a good stretch, and moody music to let it out."
"Push through."
"Bubble bath, wine, Iliza Shleshinger (however you spell her name)"
"Good, honest, guilt-free procrastination -- I build it into my work flow -- so important!"
"I try to listen to what my body needs & do something for self care, even if all I can do for self-care is take a shower. That's good enough. & let myself cry."
"Take a nap, watch a movie you love and talk to a loved one."
"Sleep solves everything for me, but if I can't take a nap I'll just take a walk and try to focus on how the world feels."
"I journal and take walks with my coffee and listen to nature bc it vouches for us:)"
"Keep in touch with nature, get out your shoes and feel it. Meditate after that."
"Going for aimless walks in a new place."
"Face mask, cry it out, do my nails, watch youtube videos, ice cream."
"I make a list of gratitude. Seeing all the good things written down reminds me that things aren't so bad!"
"Listen to music and do some painting."
"Honestly, I've tried lots of stuff -- but now I just embrace them for what they are."
"Naps/water. Drink, shower, bath, watch face/do something I've been avoiding/read."
"Ice-cream, call my friends for support, plan a trip so I have something to look forward to."
"Anything Disney always works when I'm feeling down and a hug from someone close to you!"
"MOST importantly: not beating myself up about treating myself or about being less productive."
"Doing all the things that make me feel good whether that's fav food, clothes, podcasts etc."
"It's so small and silly but going for ice cream always lifts my spirits a little!"
"Take a drive/walk, blast music, talk to someone, call my mom, go for a workout, bake."
"Give myself a break, however I can. Favorite movies, foods, treats, lie in bed, etc."
"Most [of it is] related to my job, so I remind myself why I chose it and that I can change it if I want."
"I clean; dusting vacuuming, it keeps me moving."
"Listen to my body and take care of myself before I try to do anything. Use grounding techniques and meditation."
"L-Tyrosine supplements."
"On tough days I like to take bubble baths, go to farmers markets, watch Gilmore Girls."
"I hug my dog and listen to Lemonostifel. It's a Greek band with really happy soothing instrumental music, try it."
"I let myself feel how I'm feeling, knowing it'll pass. Soft music and lighting helps."
"I usually cry bcs I love to cry, really, while drawing and listening to No Woman No Cry."
"I treat myself to good coffee, a bubble bath, candles, and lots of youtube in comfy clothes."
"I usually listen to some calm music or hangout with friends I feel comfortable with."
"Self care! Take a bath with Epsom salts and candles, use a face mask, paint your nails. LOVE YOSELF, BABE."
"Listing out what I'm grateful for on paper, praying/listening to worship music, and exercising."
"Leave the house, find somewhere green, and sit until I feel something again."
"Talk to my plants! They're a manifestation of patience and love."
"I try to dedicate as much time as I can to myself and others. Eating the food I love, hair masks..."
"I call a close friend of mine to rant to and it boost my spirits knowing someone out there is willing to listen."
"I usually just go to bed and sleep (for hours). It doesn't help, but it's the only thing I can handle."
"Ironed pajamas and a small heater/heating pad."
"Lots of music! Good long walk. Get lost in another world by reading."
"Shower. Listen to music, watch some Harry Potter or Friends."
Okay, that's as many as I can type! The list was becoming endless haha! Hope this was helpful for you, and happy self-healing!

Until next post. xx