little changes you can make to be kind to the earth

Little changes you can make to be kind to the earth

Growing up, one of my biggest anxieties was (and still is) the detriment humans cause to the planet. Between deforestation, climate change, pollution, and a slew of other damages we are causing to our home, I used to be kept up at night worrying and wondering how I could make a difference.

Not all of us can do everything, but here are a few small changes that are a great place to start.

1.Reusable produce bags

My roommate and I love finding small changes to eliminate plastic in our home, so we picked up a stack of these reusable produce bags from a local shop that sells waste-eliminating products. Nothing feels worse than individually bagging every vegetable you pick up at the grocery store in those plastic bags, and this way you can make a small difference that adds up. Bonus: they’re also super cute.

2. Switch to natural and sustainable products

I’m currently so obsessed with the new Lily of the Valley deodorant from Schmidt’s Naturals. Free of aluminum and other potentially dangerous additives, Schmidt’s products are kinder to not only the planet, but also your well-being. Also, this new scent is in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute, and 5% of your purchase goes straight back into their efforts to preserve wildlife and ecosystems!

I actually met Jane when I was in the first grade! I was in a program growing up where other kids and I got to explore wetlands in Michigan, and I had a three-panel poster at the Detroit Science Center talking about how wetland pollution was causing deformities in amphibians. Frogs are my favorite animal, and I was so passionate about being able to save them.

Anyways, Dr. Goodall was there and we were invited to meet her! It was such a huge honor that inspired me to grow up and be someone who could make a difference. Here’s a clipping from the newspaper that my family saved from that day!

Seeing a collaboration between a brand I really love and a person who has influenced who I am really touched me, so I am excited to share Schmidt’s with you!

3. Take the scenic route

This one is easy! Substitute driving short distances with walking, biking, public transit, or carpooling. Not only will you be keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum, but also you will be giving yourself permission to indulge in self-care by taking in the world around you and breathing in some fresh air. I know that taking walks always ease my anxieties and keep me energized. I also love riding my bicycle around my neighborhood in Brooklyn to pick up some produce at the farmer’s market (Grand Army Plaza on Saturday mornings, y’all!) or taking a ride around Prospect Park.

Hope these little tips helped you out! Until next post. xx