Anxiety can be the loneliest experience on earth. Even surrounded by a support system, it can feel like you're completely isolated in your own thoughts. Being alone with yourself is no longer solace from the chaos of social interactions, but a prison for circular thoughts and feeling completely incapable of being "normal." At the end of the day, we have

my struggle with being pansexual and a blogger There are a lot of firsts in life. The first time you ride a bike, the first time your parents let you sleep over at a friend’s house. Your first kiss. The first time you see your parents fight. It’s endless, but every memory lives vividly in your mind as time goes on. I

My hair has always been a whimsical form of expression for me since the first time I dyed my hair at 14. I still remember that day so well: I begged my mom for ages to let me dye my hair a bright auburn red, and finally the day came: my mom and I went to the drugstore by the

Mini Monday posts are back with a new little look! I have been spending a lot of time doodling on my iPad since I've come to NYC, and I want to be able to share my adventures, inspirations, outtakes, and fave products in a little package for you every Monday, doodles and all. 🙂 This week was chock full of experiences,

  I'm still so in love with my photos from Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but include them in a post, hehehe! I was so thrilled to take these photos with my friend Eunice the other day because it's nice to see familiar faces in a new and less-familiar place that I live in now. In fact, I've found that I've

Hi everyone! I just want to start this out by thanking all of you for your patience and support during my huge move to NYC. You guys gave so many awesome recommendations during my road trip here and after I made it to my new home, and I am so grateful. I know that we have been anticipating this post

  I've really taken time this week to reflect on the past year, both on my own in thought, and with you guys in the form of my 2017 photo diary. My two favorite holidays are Halloween and New Year's Eve, and I have my own personal rituals that come with the new year. My favorite ritual is the way I write

2017 was raw. For me, it was a collision of trying new things, hardships, big life decisions, heartbreaks, anger, pure joy, and, most importantly, growth. This year, I went to Disneyland (twice!), Portland, LA, Detroit, New York, Tucson. I saw countless bands live and I worked two internships. I graduated college. I turned 21. I announced my move to NYC. Aaron

I'm back from the dead on here! After finishing school forever and alleviating the majority of my stress, I craved a little mini trip up to Portland. My friend Cheyenne (@cheyp on instagram) was so gracious to host me for the 36 hours I was there, and we squeezed a lot of cool things into such a small sliver of time.

I have a bit of a ranting diary post, so I'll preface this with what I'm wearing to save y'all the grief. The denim I am wearing is from BDG at Urban Outfitters -- I love their pieces because they are designed for curvy girls like me, and I feel so confident in them! I paired it with a little polka

[Sponsored by Zappos] Fall is finally upon us! I am so excited to share all of the transitional outfits I've been shooting for you guys! I figured this one is a good place to start -- just a casual little look with a band tee and quality details. My favorite thing to do is mix casual, inexpensive, secondhand pieces with one or

I decided to throw you guys a curveball and wear a red floral print, hahaha. I've always loved florals -- they're my absolute favorite and remind me of all of the vintage dresses I bought in high school at my local goodwill. This dress is from Fame and Partners, and it combines florals with some of my other favorite things:

(Click here to jump to the list!)School is back in session for the last time for me, and this is usually the time of year that my worst personal flaw comes out. Although I have been putting in extra effort to take better care of myself and set time aside to unwind, I have this tendency to be so self-destructive

I feel bad that I've been a bit behind on posting, so here is the next Monday Bookmarks post, chock full of the past two weeks of visual inspirations. I've felt under an immense amount of stress the past couple weeks in preparation for my last semester of college -- there is so much to be done every single day

This week was very similar to last. In lieu of monsoon season, I find myself lusting for fall and listening to nostalgic music. I shit you not when I say that I'm currently wearing a cardigan and drinking hot coffee while listening to early Death Cab For Cutie and occasionally looking out the window at the cloudy sky. I'm a

[show_shopthepost_widget id="2764240"] I've had When Doves Cry stuck in my head for at least a week. I remember when I was younger my parents saw Prince on his Musicology tour and I wanted to go so badly. My parents brought back a CD for me to listen to and I used to imagine what that concert would have been like. He

I don't know about all of you, but my skin is especially sensitive to changes in weather. I've told you all about how Dr. Jart Micro Milk Peel has been my saving grace in the past, and it still helps with the dry summer weather for staying exfoliated and clear. However, I found that for the summer months, I needed

This morning was serenity in chaos. I woke up to the calamity of a monsoon, rain pouring down, clouds lingering low in the sky. It was the best way for a fresh week to start. I always feel more inspired when the weather is melancholic and rainy -- it installs a sense of self-reflection and heightened insight for me. So,

this summer has been an exploration of different methodologies on how to be my best self and allow myself to be in a good condition. I am the type of person who doesn't exercise even the most basic of self-care out of self-destructive busyness that I disguise in the name of "productivity" -- though I would consider myself to be

Just the other week, I was walking through one of my local goodwills and came across a rattan wastebasket. Just the week before, I was scouring the internet for the perfect rattan pendant lamp for my bedroom, but to no avail -- nothing was exactly how I wanted it, not the material, not the shape. Upon picking up this wastebasket,

My kitchen is a hallway. Honestly, calling it a hallway is generous. My kitchen can fit two people. When I first moved into this apartment in 2015, it didn't feel like a huge deal: I was eating almost exclusively chicken, rice, and broccoli, so I figured having a tiny kitchen wouldn't be too crippling. Then (of course) I had to

Hey everyone! Here's a quick little summer look for you that I am excited about! This slip dress from Splendid is amazing and so comfortable -- I love midi-length dresses, and this one is a great breathable cotton fabric and is my new go-to for the hotter months. This dress was even one of Refinery29's spring picks! I paired it

I'll be real with you: I'm not a huge fan of my bedroom. The carpet is brown and ugly, and that pretty much ruins it for me. However, the natural light makes me so very happy. I was reading an article last week about common home feng shui techniques, and I learned that it was important to never have your bed

As of the past six months, I have realized that gingham is my new go-to pattern. When I was younger, I used to buy everything in stripes to the point that, when I hit high school, I vowed to never buy anything striped again, which lasted until my first year of college. I realize that when I find a pattern I like,

There are two reasons I am not vegan: 1) macaroni and cheese; 2) leather goods. If you have even glanced at anything on this blog, the one thing that you know for sure about me is that I don't fuck around when it comes to quality. That's why I've taken one of Coach's Spring/Summer 2017 bags in as part of my spring

I think I am the only person in the world who hates going to Sephora. It's sensory overload: a million different brands, associates selling you stuff left and right, catching a glimpse of myself in harsh lighting surrounded by 15-year-olds who know way more about makeup than I do. Lucky for me, I've nearly given up makeup completely. Some people

Hey guys! Here is a quick little post and VIDEO for you guys of a sweet little drink you can enjoy on a cloudy day like it is today in PHX! Gevalia cold brew concentrate is a nice little fix for when you're a constantly busy person like I am. recipe: 2 tbsp. hazelnut spread (melted) 3/4 cup milk (I prefer non-dairy) 3/4 cup

My bank account was just automatically charged by my hosting service, which only means one thing: Closet Vomit is 3 today! Three years ago on this day, I swallowed my nervousness, my website was created, and it has been a tumultuous and exciting adventure ever since. I am still learning about myself and how to properly communicate my style and

This post isn't pretty. Anxiety isn't pretty. The photo above that you see is how I look in this exact moment, sitting in the exact same spot, hair half-damp, traces of makeup down my face, wearing only my giant NASA sweatshirt that I only seem to wear when I'm having a anxious or depressive episode. Before taking this photo, I ate

My parents cared so much about making Christmas special for my siblings and I. Living in Detroit, it was magical waking up on Christmas morning to seeing snowfall out the window, causing a symphonic unison of creaking in our hundred-year-old home when we bolted down the stairs to see the tree aglow and adorned in ornaments, each with a name

From my stories on Instagram and my blog posts as of lately, you guys may have noticed that I've been dabbling in homemade apothecary goods and hardcore skincare (if you haven't noticed, check out my recipe for eucalyptus bath bombs). In the wake of recent health issues I have been fighting the past few months and an all-around stressful time

At long, long, long last, I have finally reached a point where I feel my house is ready for a little home tour for you guys! There are still some things that I want to replace or change, but the reality of decorating a home is that you are never finished. You are an evolving person, and your tastes and

I enjoy being alone. Outside of time with my partner and the occasional interaction with a friend or family member, I am always alone, in my own thoughts and quiet. I live alone and take in the silence while I work on the blog or do my homework. I read The New Yorker or write out my intentions for the day while

(hint: it's not milkshakes.) Essentially, I grew up living at the dentist. Ever since fourth grade on, I was just always there. I was bullied by a lot of girls in elementary and middle school, and one incident left me with half of my front tooth left. I've felt very fortunate to have never felt insecure about having a fake front

Just posting a breezy summer look to share with all of you. I am extremely butthurt that it is still over 100 degrees here in the desert, despite the occasional cloudy day or storm. It seems that every summer here has been hotter and hotter, and my patience with everyday life deteriorates with every degree the temperature rises. I have

I love baths. Everyone has a method of calming themselves down when they are anxious or stressed, and mine is anything that involves water. I don't really believe in horoscopes or anything like that, but in the off-chance that my horoscope actually represents my personality, I am a Pisces, so the bath obsession probably makes sense. I posted these little bath

Okay, I'm back, I promise. Thank you all for your patience with me the past week or so, I know I have been MIA. I've been going through a lot in my personal life, and I knew that it would be the right thing to take a bit of a break. And shit, I really needed it. Now I am back

As you guys probably saw on my social media this week, I just got back from my mini trip to San Francisco with my partner and our close friend. I had an amazing experience, all condensed into two days, and I had a great deal of fun sharing some of the things we did with you online. But what travel, especially

You all know I have been inching towards being an all-around lifestyle blog. You also know that I have been working on finishing every last detail of my house to make it perfect for a home tour (finally). Well, we are one step closer to that home tour! Here is a little curation of all of my favorite home and

I've been in a huge Regina Spektor mood lately. I've been listening to her for seven years or so, and I feel that I can always relate to her music, especially her older albums (Soviet Kitsch and Songs are the best), and lately I have been feeling pretty magical and light, putting on her records alone in my apartment with some candles

I abhor summer. Seriously. Between living in the middle of the desert, having the sun beat down on me on my daily bike ride, and having close to nothing to wear, summer is the absolute worst for me. It is so difficult to pull off summer outfits as a minimalist. We thrive on creative layers and sweaters. Neutrals are a must, especially

Every girl knows the drill. Post something opinionated or "not feminine," and there's always some elitist male waiting to clap back at you. Whether it is posting a body-positive feminist article, a photo of you out with your friends, or even something as harmless as having an opinion about a new movie coming out, it seems like there is always

There's something I can say with absolute certainty: I, in this moment, am the happiest I have ever been. But another thing I am certain of is that I fought to get to this point. This is a post with some confessions. Confessions that I have wanted to disclose for a very, very long time. But I feel that this

I hate boobs. Okay, correction: I hate my boobs. They get in the way, they aren't cute, and they can make clothes look weird. I have been proudly braless since I was a sophomore in high school (meaning no underwires/uncomfortable weird tit contraptions with the occasional exception once in a blue moon when my chest just isn't having it), and

  This mini series has been a test of consistency for me. I want to see how capable I am of doing scheduled posts, and I also want to see if you guys like it (let me know in the comments if you want to see posts on a regular schedule!). We talked last week about some of my current favorite

Being a minimalist, I usually stray from collecting little things unless they are truly meaningful and important to me. I almost never wear jewelry, I only like owning makeup I use every day, and I only like rotating through the same few bags. However, there are some little things that are my vices, and I want to do a mini-series

LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW IF YOU LOVE THIS POST ♡ My New Years' resolution for 2015 was to "master a new talent." After a few days of thinking, I decided I wanted to learn how to be "good" at makeup. I spent that whole year trying new things, practicing, and making my first youtube makeup video, which I am a little

Everybody has a day when they wake up and know that nothing is going to go right. Nobody is spared from this happening at least once. Unfortunately, mine was yesterday. Though I am not ready to talk about events that led up to why yesterday was awful, I want to write a post that emphasizes something positive: remembering you are

Hey guys! I know I have been a little vague about the shoots I have been doing for LOCAL WOLVES MAGAZINE, but I am here to let you know that I have a spread in their June 2016 issue! I had a lot of fun shooting with photographer and staff member JENSON METCALF and having the opportunity to share personal stories

I am currently writing this blog post from the PHX airport waiting for my flight to Seattle for the next few days. If you follow me on Snapchat (ballard_ashley), you know that I am ALWAYS here. Being addicted to globetrotting is the most fulfilling hobby ever. I am always exploring new things and fantasizing about the day that I move

Blogging is really fucking hard. Even though anybody could make a website and write about themselves on a regular basis, people don't realize the difficulty that comes with being scrutinized by others and feeling like you're talking to a wall all the time (seriously, are you guys reading this? leave a comment below so I know you exist, please! ♡). Out

I am very excited to talk about this outfit with you guys. It poses an opportunity to talk about some personal stuff with you, as well as share my experience visiting my DREAM HOME this week. We're gonna talk about gender. We're gonna to talk about minimalism. Keep reading on! I wore boys' underwear as a kid. I know that this is

I understand why you wouldn't read this post. Fruit bowls are an overdone diet trend, people just get them for the Instagram photo-op, blah, blah, blah

In all honesty, I haven't spent as much time on Instagram lately. With my opinions on the -ahem- update, I have found myself a little less inclined to scroll through my feed all the time. However, opinions aside, I still love Instagram very much. Which is why I am going to share with you five of my favorite people online who

I'm going to be real right now. I have no idea what to write about for you guys today. I don't know if I am having writers' block or exhausted from how many news stories I had to write at school today. So, instead of a conventional blog post about what I am doing right now *blah blah blah*, I

Today is a personal post, accompanied by some photographs of my dear friend Brielle Bishop. A lot of you may not know this, but photography has been a primary hobby of mine since I was fifteen. Ever since then, I have been self-taught and I spent every spare minute in high school taking self-portraits and learning every bit of technical

I'm going to be honest: this week kicked my ass. With overworking at my job, going to school full-time, accumulating newfound responsibilities, and fighting for a sliver of time to focus on my health and well-being, life has come crashing down on me. I live in the constant fear that I may be entering a long-term nervous breakdown (an experience

Yesterday was the first day of spring. This outfit is a farewell to winter days. Seeing that I live in a desert and it is already approaching 100 degrees outside, this is a farewell long overdue. I am a bit sad that summertime is nearly upon us; the minute I get this beautiful LAMODA 101 coat, I can't wear it.

I feel like I always wear my best and most natural outfits to school. I haven't talked about it much, but I am a third-year student at Arizona State University in Phoenix, and I am studying journalism and mass communication with a minor in psychology. When I first started university, I was studying to go into pharmacy school, with little

Being an enthusiast for music is an art form. There is nothing better than being asked what is underrated and unheard of in the music industry, and it is especially wonderful to be able to curate different articles of music media and compile them into a small guide of musical films, videos, resources, and books that not only deserve far

I would like to preface this by making the disclaimer that I am not a boho blog all of a sudden, hahaha. I am just playing around with some different looks, all in good fun, I promise. I only own a few pieces of jewelry that I rarely wear, and that isn't changing anytime soon. I decided to wear this adorable

Today's post is a little different. Okay, maybe more than a little. You and I, we are going to talk on another level here. People constantly evolve and change, this is a reality of life. However, I feel that people, at their very core, have a set of traits that, whether you see them or not, remain static throughout their lifetime.

Being in love is so wonderful. When you have someone special that is on your mind for the entire day, everything around you becomes amplified. You notice the sun shining through the trees more often, work isn't quite as redundant and monotonous, and

I will be honest with you: I used to make fun of Pinterest. When I first heard about it, my thoughts immediately went to moms, which is something I have no anticipation of becoming, so I hastily dismissed the platform as something I couldn't identify with and utilize. However, when I started college three years ago, I hit a giant

Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a reflective and exciting new year! New Year's is my second favorite holiday (the first is Halloween, duh) because it is the one day a year where we all have the opportunity to review how far we have come and set goals for ourselves to improve and change, all the while being heavily

As promised, here's another winter outfit for this week! I paired my BDG oversized button-up with my cutout pinstripe-grid dress, with my favorite fuzzy grey socks and boots. I shot with somebody new for this post (@dprimero in IG!), and it was quite a lot of fun walking around downtown and seeing the (otherwise boring) buildings in a new light.

I decided to mix it up a little bit this week with this post. I had a little photographic playdate with my dear friend Cadence Meeks, and we walked around the beautiful neighborhoods near my home and fell in love with the one that you see behind me. We weren't sure if anybody lived there (I have a tendency to

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a restful holiday this week- I know I did. A little too restful, in fact. I am sad that I haven't had a lot of opportunities to share outfits with you all, and I have so much in store hiding in the crevices of my brain cells, just waiting to come out. I

Yesterday, my best friend and I hosted Friendsgiving for the first time. This was scary for me, since my sister was always considered the culinary type growing up, and I was the person who somehow managed to mess up making toast. However, after reading books I admire like THUG KITCHEN and THE KINFOLK TABLE, I have tried my hand at becoming

Hello! Just dropping in with another outfit from this week! I especially like this one because it features one of my staple looks- the oversized sweater paired with a peter pan collar. This sweater from GAP is my new best friend- warm, comfy, grey, and, of course, of pristine quality. I have another grey GAP sweater that I have owned

Hey everyone! The weather is finally evolving in my favor, meaning my FALL OUTFITS ARE COMING. *heavy breathing* Autumn has always been my favorite season since I was very small- some of my fondest memories of growing up in Detroit are raking the leaves and jumping in them with my sister, taking family hikes through state parks, and having the

As an individual who has been documenting herself in a fashion blog for nearly two years, I can not begin to explain the level of diversity of personal style on the Internet. There are countless different styles that belong to an innumerable population of people who are doing exactly what I do and love the topic just as much as

Hi everybody! I am extremely stoked to say that I have teamed up with SUMITA COSMETICS and my friend/film wizard DREYLON VANG to bring you my very first YouTube video/beauty tutorial! Some of you have watched it already and have submitted for my giveaway, but I want to give you guys the low-down on what's happening: I am giving away a SUMITA

I've been throwing a handful of tracks into a playlist this week, and I thought I would share it with all of you. It is all melancholic, laid-back, occasionally dreamy music that is perfect for a cloudy day. There has been quite a bit of new music coming out lately, and most of it has put me in the mood

The past couple of years of my life have been spent extremely scrutinizing my body. Though I am aware that I am on the thinner end of the spectrum, there have been quite an abundance of instances where I look at myself in the mirror and feel completely convinced that I am not. Though I uphold the belief

AUTUMN IS COMING and I couldn't be more excited. Despite the fact that autumn around here entails monsoons and dust storms, mostly, I am highly anticipating being able to break out all of my actual clothes to make some fresh new looks. I bought a lot of my coats two months ago in preparation, and I already have

When I was sixteen years old, I took down all of the posters and magazine clippings that I had so intricately taped to my bedroom wall. Considering the hours upon hours that I spent crafting this enormous inspiration collage, one may think that this was a very painful process for me. However, it was not. In fact, it was quite

Hello, everyone! Here's just a little post about my outfit from today. I am in love with this oversized drop-waist black dress from ASOS, as well as my platform boots from DOLCE VITA. Don't you love the little details on the toes? Definitely a nineties vibe, since they remind me of my little perforated sandals from grade school. I layered the

I have wanted to share my home with you for a while now, and this is just part one of a post-by-post home tour! This is my bedroom. My boyfriend hates that I love to eat in bed, hahaha. 🙂 I love surrounding myself with things that I value and cherish. If you follow me on Snapchat, you have definitely seen my closet

One thing that I always find myself preaching (as a lot of you know) is the importance of quality footwear. Platforms have been a classic for a while now, and I never found myself wearing any like these, since so many were poorly-crafted and horrible for my feet. Luckily, my new friends at IFCHIC.COM have teamed up with me to

tumblr_nhtxz0culC1r712ajo1_540 BEHOLD! A playlist for you! If there is anything that I have discovered about myself since downloading Spotify three years ago, it is that I make the most unconventional and strange playlists that have ever polluted the internet. Not that it is a bad thing... who wants a predictable tracklist? Answer: nobody. Anyways, I have spent a good chunk of time wanting to start sharing my playlists with all of you. I feel that the collision of music and fashion is such an important phenomenon that has happened in culture in the past century, and I also know that my music collection is such a massive influence on the way that I dress, blog, and live my life. This specific playlist is a showcase of tracks, both new and old to me, that fill my insides with absolute joy and appreciation for my life. Some of these remind me of my coming-of-age, others are songs that I enjoy to listen to while riding my bike or taking a long bath, and some of these remind me of my man friend human person. It is, indeed, a complete clusterfuck to an outsider, but to me, it is an orb of joy, nostalgia, and absolute summer dreaminess. I hope that it brings you as much joy as it brings me! You can also find me on Spotify and see what I am listening to!

As a lot of you know, I am a complete sucker for peter pan collars. It seems like every other outfit I wear, both on the internet and off, incorporates a unique neckline. I am proud of this because I like my collarbone area a lot, and it is a confidence boost to have something that accentuates it, or makes

  Today, naturally, I am wearing an oversized dress from Vero Moda with an Urban Outfitters online-exclusive oversized shirt from BDG. I paired this with my Ulay Invaders from my local Buffalo Exchange and my vintage Hot Topic stacks. I love this dress so much; it is three sizes too big on me (I am a size S, this is an

Today is an important post for me. Not only am I thrilled to have seen a Frank Lloyd Wright concept in person (more on that in a second), but also I finally let my boyfriend take photographs for my blog. We are coming up on a year of being together, and I have never let him take a picture of me for

After spending so much time waiting, I am excited to say that I am back in the swing of regularly contributing to my blog. I shot this post today downtown with my best friend, and I am more than thrilled with the way my outfit turned out. This look channels some of my favorite aspects of my style: oversized dresses,

  For this post, I am pinpointing the unique traits of my top four favorite deisgners. VALENTINO // DETAILING If there is one thing that has remained consistent in Valentino’s collections, it is the extreme level of detail in each piece. Lace, beads, sheer, embroidery… it goes on. While everyone this Monday morning was having a stroke over Derek and Hansel on the

14TH FEBRUARY 2015 // INSPIRATION THIS WEEK MAKEUP ART, NYFW 2015 Makeup is always one of my favorite parts of Fashion Week. It’s that tiny detail that accentuates the entire concept the model is wearing, and it is a whole extra aspect that we get to explore and discover when we see photographs online (or in person, if you are a lucky

It’s pretty much summertime in the city where I live, which means it’s officially time for me to challenge myself to wear what I like, despite the fact that it is hot outside. My favorite things are typically black and relatively covering, which we all know does not add up for hot summer weather. I took a shirt-dress that I

2ND FEBRUARY 2015 // DEEP SIX I’ve been training myself to take photographs when I am out and about so I can blog about outfits that are a more accurate representation of what I wear every day. In this one, I have layered a peter pan collared shirt underneath a Utility Skate sweater, paired with my favorite men’s oxfords for an

A close friend of mine recently told me that fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen. At first, this comment was a slap in the face to me, as I have been running Closet // Vomit for a year now and he is aware how much I love creating content for my dedicated followers. The sting after the slap? He

30TH JANUARY, 2015 // BUT I’VE GOT A THICK SKINI had so much fun shooting this today with KAYRAE art+images. I wore this outfit for presenting CLOSET // VOMIT at a panel hosted by creative networking app Feel Free. I love being able to have the opportunity to share my beliefs on individuality and fashion with such a group of

29TH JANUARY, 2015 // WEEKLY INSPIRATION With so many inspirational things surrounding me this week, I couldn’t help but compile another post of things that have caught my eye lately. BAMBI NORTHWOOD FOR A/W 2011 | 2012 , MIU MIU I don’t know why I am just coming across this image and just learning about Bambi Northwood, but I am in love with

23RD JANUARY, 2015 // IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY Went downtown in this comfortable look in search of some cool scenery. we ended up shooting in an abandoned house (!!!!!!) and it was incredibly fun. I will make sure to share more of those very soon. I’ve been realizing that I enjoy street style that incorporates androgynous pieces, is comfortable,

JANUARY 2015 // INSPIRATION This is just a fun post to talk about some of my favorite things and some newfound obsessions that I have had recently. ANTLERS / TAXIDERMY / SPECIMEN This has always been a strange penchant of mine since I was very young. I love preserved specimen because it is fascinating to look at and I always think about what

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// photographed by ANISHA MODI bag / tunic by BDG booties by SILENCE + NOISE lips by MAC

I am in dire need of making some mischief with cold-weather pieces. Seeing I live in a place where winter may as well not exist, I rarely have the opportunity to wear outerwear and warm designs; this means that when it is cold by some miracle, I have no choice but to nail my look.  So, without any further explanation, here

As a barista in a cafe and restaurant, I constantly experience the entertainment of catching someone Instagramming their coffee, food, or even the shop. Though I laugh in the moment, I do not have much room to talk, as Instagram is by far my favorite platform ever (not to mention every other thing I post is either my shoes or

Lipstick is by far my favorite cosmetic. I am not very knowledgeable about makeup or technique when it comes to other products, as it wasn’t something I wore every day until later on, but lipstick has always been the one that knows how to completely redefine a look and make me stand out. Consider lipstick your best friend: it’s there

Today’s look was inspired by my favorite fashion blogger and role model, SIETSKE LAMERS. She is arguably one of the greatest minimalist fashion bloggers on the internet, and posted THIS LOOK a while back that inspired me to imitate her style. What I loved most about this concept that it was able to incorporate my two favorite things - comfort and

With autumn just beginning and october rolling around, there is no better time of the year to wear grunge-influenced fashion. I thought I would do something different today and talk to you guys about some of the best influences in modern grunge and why they are my heroes. These people are ultimate GRUNGE QUEENS and completely inspirational for anyone who

Today was quite an adventure. We shot at the Phoenix Trotting Park, an abandoned raceway for horses that was built in the sixties and only stayed open for two seasons. Abandoned for about fifty years, the place is absolutely dilapidated and adorned in graffiti. It’s a beautiful and bittersweet collision between modernity and the past. My favorite part of the

This look is essential to me. Aside from the fact that it has all of my favorite colors, I feel that I exude confidence when wearing my large Jeffrey Campbell heels, paired with a comfortable, minimalist outfit that flaunts my personal style. No feeling compares to that of walking proudly and loving how you look and who you are, and

I was extremely happy with my outfit for today. The new BARBIE x FOREVER 21 line that was released at the beginning of this month is extremely cool, especially this shirt. When I read that pieces were being designed by Forever 21, WildFox, and Lord & Taylor that were either Barbie-influenced or actual pieces that were once worn by the

In early hours of the morning today, Tempe had the heaviest rain in history; everything is flooded, the sky is completely overcast, and I was able to experience my city in a new light.  I spent my morning bicycling around with my camera and thought that I would share.  - see more shots here.

When I was fifteen and a junior in high school, I wore a cocktail dress to class. It was by far the best vintage find I had yet: the plunging neckline accentuated my collarbone, the a-line design hugged my body just the right amount, and the silky black velvet was in mint condition. I remember stopping in my tracks while

The multifaceted nature of streetwear is still overwhelming to me. While quickly and hastily getting dressed for a makeshift after-work post, I realized how much I love different skater and hip-hop street brands, as it gives so much leeway for self-expression. This is especially true in my case, as one of my favorite things to do is push the envelope

In retrospect of my long, exhausting day, I am relieved I wore what I did. I spent my day off of work and school diving headfirst into getting a lot of tasks done and hurdling an obnoxious amount of obstacles, and I was happy to at least be able to spend my busy day around the city wearing something comfortable,

Threw together an outfit for back-to-school week. Also, yesterday morning, my new LIMECRIME mint lipstick came in the mail, which I was super excited about. I remember when the line came out six years ago (it is currently their anniversary), and I wanted a tube so badly, and I was happy to finally have one in my makeup bag… or

My hair got a makeover this week. It was a fun experience to finally, after years of wanting pastel hair, go in and take a huge risk with my long hair. Though it is temporarily extremely bright, I am adjusting to it and I truly love it. I decided to pair it with a bit of a minimal witchy look

The exhilaration of wearing platforms is one of my favorite things in the entire world. Feeling taller, more confident, not to mention talented. Platforms are definitely not inherently simple to walk in (shout-out to my YRU PLATFORMS for making me eat shit in public countless times). The shoes I am wearing - Jeffrey Campbell’s Nightwalker - were extremely fun to work with,

This outfit is the embodiment of my comfort zone; I truly enjoy minimal pieces and neutral color blocking in my clothing, and I value comfortable clothing above any brand. I have recently questioned why this look is so appealing to myself and my personal style, and I feel that it is reflective of my affinity for a modern, urban lifestyle,

I’ve always been a sucker for streetwear brands. Between my affinity for wearing shirts as dresses and having clothes with neutral colors and bold statements, I have always found the coolest pieces from small up-and-coming brands that may have a small following, but enormous sense of character. I do love this shirt I am wearing today, from the California-based street

In light of my recent changes that have kept me constantly busy and away from blogging, I have decided to share some influences in my life that have been the cause behind my life lately, as well as my fashion inclinations.  I have never envisioned myself to be in fashion. I have also never envisioned myself to make writing a job.

I am excited to be posting another collaborative shoot with the amazing TATUM DEAN, who will now be a frequent contributor to C/V. Tatum’s elegant interpretation of modern street fashion is head-turning and bold. Her looks never fail to look completely sexy and confident, and I admire her fearless indulgence in her personal style. We will definitely be seeing a

CLOSET VOMIT ♡’S BROSIA LOVE In fact, we love our girl BL so much that we are hooking you up with free shipping for all jewelry pieces! See the ones I am wearing and loads more HERE! PROMO CODE // CVOMITXBL

It was such a great honor to have the opportunity to shoot with style blogger, Youtuber, and jewelry designer AMBROSIA MALBROUGH today! Her work really knows no limits, as she blogs, vlogs, designs jewelry, and documents her stylish closet and lifestyle. I’ve never had much of a chance to experiment with obscure accessories (body chains are my new best friend), so

One of the latest concepts that I have observed in modern street fashion is the adaptation of a sporty-chic look, regardless of whether or not you are athletically inclined. The inevitable truth about living an urban lifestyle is that leading a productive life means constantly being on-the-go, and fashion has certainly adapted to that, taking legwear and brands such as

I’ve been channeling a lot of time and research into understanding the importance of color blocking and minimalism in street fashion. The simplicity of a limited color palette and very little accessories creates an image that is sophisticated, head-turning, and (most importantly) comfortable. Things that I value the most in my closet at the moment are loose-fitting shirts and tunics,

I decided to experiment with a more lighthearted look for today. It is definitely out of my element: an outfit sans black, sans wide-brim hat. It was refreshing to experiment with color and get outdoors and into some nature (even if there were occasionally critters invading my shoes). 

Embracing a minimalist concept with some of my favorite Zara pieces. The simplicity of an all-black look with a splash of white goes a long way, especially when my clutch is just as angsty as my monochromatic wardrobe (the famous Zara “Stressed But Well-Dressed” clutch that has now become a staple amongst bloggers). I have a hard time creating outfits

I have a terrible tendency to put myself in dangerous situations for the sake of art. We shot our good friend, emerging model, and artistic muse Tatum Dean in an abandoned lot that has become a hub for some of Tempe’s most impressive street art. Despite climbing under a few fences and enduring 110-degree Arizona summer, we were able to


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